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Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps to Recover your Account

Since Instagram is a widely used platform it is also one of the main targets of hackers for hacking attacks. Instagram takes hacking seriously and has various ways using which the users can get their account back. If your Instagram hacked and email changed then the steps given below are for you using which you might get your account back. 

    1. Move to the login screen on Instagram and then from there hit on get help logging in if you are accessing an android device but if you are using Pc then hit on forgot password. 
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  • Click on need more help option from the screen to recover Instagram account hacked and following this you need to hit on next button. 
  • Select SMS to get the login there via text on your mobile device and ensure that you have the access to this phone number. 
  • Following this, the users just need to follow the instructions which are provided to them on the screen so that they can get back their hacked Instagram account. 
  • After getting access of your account make sure to change the password of our account and set a strong one to keep your account safe. 
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