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Inside the mind of ancient vise collector – Jesus Marquez

Collecting ancient vises might not seem like a lucrative hobby to most people, but Jesus Marquez has built a multi-million dollar empire out of it. Born in Ciudad, Juarez, Mexico, Jesus moved to the United States at a very young age. Like most immigrants, he also had a strong entrepreneurial mindset early on. This mindset prompted him to start several businesses. However, while building a business empire was fascinating, Jesus’s true interest lay in collecting antique tools. 

As a result, Jesus devoted his time to building his empire so he could accrue considerable fortune to fuel his passion for collecting antiques and vises. His hard work and dedication were fruitful because he began accumulating his notorious collection in 2016, and today, he ranks among the top five antique collectors in the United States. 

Jesus’ interest in collecting tools and antiques didn’t pop out of thin air. He was always a handyman and a big tool collector when he was young. Vises and antique tools always interested him because of what they represented – the story behind how America was built. He understood the importance and significance of these tools, piquing his interest and curiosity in collecting them. 

Collecting vises might seem peculiar to some, puzzling them as they try to wrap their heads around why people would collect them. However, the reality is it’s a niche stemming from many passionate individuals globally who love collecting tools and antiques, and Jesus is one of them. It’s also worth noting that this community continues to grow, especially as information about the history behind these tools becomes more widespread because of social media and the internet. 

Finding and obtaining antiques and vises isn’t easy, especially when the community is still relatively small. However, Jesus has found a method that works for him. Unlike others in this niche, Jesus is tech-savvy. More importantly, he understands that the internet is a valuable tool for discovering valuable information about these pieces. As a result, Jesus also deduced that the internet could be used to contact fellow collectors interested in antique tools and vises, enabling Jesus to purchase their pieces and add them to his collection. 

Jesus Marquez’s strategy has involved building a robust online presence on social media. He uses social media to his advantage to find the rarest pieces and get the best deals. Other collectors see his presence and activity on social media groups, Facebook pages, and Instagram stories. As a result, they often approach him with unique propositions instead of Jesus having to contact them. This strategy has paid dividends because Jesus has rapidly grown his collection. Most collectors within this niche have been building their collections for decades. On the other hand, Jesus has managed to grow his collection within six years.

This ancient vise collector is extremely proud of his achievements, especially considering he never attended school past the ninth grade. In addition to becoming one of the top five antique vises collectors in the United States, Jesus has also managed to start several successful businesses, purchase multiple commercial real estate properties, and more. 

Jesus credits his mindset for his success, believing it to be instrumental to a person’s growth. He strongly believes that the mind is extremely powerful and determines success and failure. He also believes your mindset is key to living the lifestyle you want.

As for the future, Jesus Marquez envisions becoming the most prominent antique vises collector in the world. He also wants to showcase his collection by starting a museum and proudly displaying it to visitors. Moreover, Jesus plans to continue to grow his business empire. He already has a few business ventures he wishes to open in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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