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IndusInd Personal Loan for a Medical Surgery

IndusInd Bank allows you to borrow a maximum loan of INR 15 Lakh with easy documentation and no collateral. So, if there is a medical issue and the doctor advises that you need to undergo surgery, borrow an IndusInd Personal Loan. This is the smartest way to handle the medical cost after insurance. Because sometimes, insurance won’t cover every surgery. There are some limitations for insurance that can be filled by the IndusInd Personal Loan. So, let’s learn more about this loan offer from IndusInd Bank below.

What is the IndusInd Personal Loan Interest Rate?

If you’re worried about the interest rate, don’t be. Because IndusInd Personal Loan comes at an attractive rate of 10.49% onwards. And as there is no collateral, the bank will estimate your interest rate based on your repayment capabilities. They will check your IndusInd Personal Loan eligibility on the following factors –


Same as with any bank product, there is a criterion that you have to meet. For salaried applicants, the age criterion is 21-60 years. However, for self-employed applicants, the criteria range from 25 to 65 years. Your application won’t be accepted unless you come under the IndusInd Personal Loan age requirement.


A minimum salary of INR 25,000 is needed for borrowing an IndusInd Personal Loan. But with such an income you can’t borrow a high loan amount. So, ensure your income exceeds the minimum limit. Because if that happens, you become highly eligible for an IndusInd Personal Loan and the bank may also reduce the interest rate. Why does it happen? Because when someone has a high income, he/she is less likely to default on the repayment. On the other hand, if an applicant barely meets the eligibility, the loan default risk remains still. And this will make the loan interest rate go up.

Previous record

The bank counts your repayment history to see how reliable the borrower you’re. To see your previous record, the bank checks your CIBIL Score. And if the score is below 700, it shows you have been reckless with your repayment schedule. The key to maintaining a healthy CIBIL is to keep track of its status once a year or whenever you’re going to apply for credits. Because you might know your score decreases due to one missed EMI or non-paid bill. 

How Can I Apply for an IndusInd Personal Loan?

You can apply for an IndusInd Personal Loan offline or online. If you wish to apply for the loan online at the convenience of your home, follow the steps –

  • Visit the IndusInd Bank website
  • Go to the ‘Product’ section and select ‘Personal Loan’
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button
  • Enter your details
  • Check the available offer
  • Select the offer and complete a video KYC

Once you’re done with the above, the bank verifies your details and disburses the funds.

For an offline application, you will need a hard copy of the documents and two passport size photographs. Visit the nearest branch office of IndusInd Bank. Ask about the personal loan from the bank representative. After getting all the knowledge on the loan product, get the application form. Fill the same and submit it by attaching the photograph and documents. When the verification process of your application is over, you’ll receive a call from the IndusInd Bank regarding a personal loan and IndusInd Bank Personal loan interest rate.

What Documents Do I Need for an IndusInd Personal Loan?

To apply for the IndusInd Personal Loan, you need the following –

  • KYC documents such as Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport, etc.
  • Address proof such as utility bill with your name on it including electricity bill, phone bill, rent agreement, etc.
  • Income proof like a salary slip or bank statement will also be required
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