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how to use toner?

for face care at present Steps of skin care to fade and reduce acne problems. In addition to cleaning your face with facial foam or applying nourishment to care for your skin. Using a toner as an insert during after washing. and before maintenance It is very important nowadays. due to toner have outstanding features Help make our facial skin clean, adjust the PH value to suit the skin to make the skin ready for the next step of nourishment. reduce excess oil Tighten pores and cause less acne.

Wash your face with a quality cleansing gel   can cherish your skin face.

Benefits of toners

– Has a duty to help clean the dirt that remains from washing the face.

– Helps to adjust the skin, adjust the PH value to be ready before applying skin cream (Ph adjustment is one factor that makes toners to influence because most of the cleanser in the market has a relatively high base Ph value (about 7 step), which may cause Further application of the product may not be very good. Skin is best nourished when it is at neutral 4.5-5.5 condition (or weak acid Ph condition such as Vit C, AA request ph 3-4 , AHA BHA is the same). I use a toner to wipe. So we don’t have to wait for the skin to adjust its Ph, so it’s helpful for the cream to absorb into the skin better.

– A good toner should contain vitamins. Essential proteins and mineral salts that contain compounds to help nourish the skin. help reduce oiliness Tighten pores for oily skin. Helps add moisture for dry skin. which toner with a variety of features and is safe and gentle on the skin It might be a bit pricey but if you trade it for its value and results. Considered very worthwhile.

– If you want a toner that helps reduce acne problems, you may look at toners containing salicylic acid or AHA BHA PHA that help with skin cell turnover, or other ingredients that help reduce acne-causing bacteria.


Should to use a toner that contains oils, perfumes, and alcohol?

Use this toner with oils, perfumes, and alcohol for acne-prone skin. Sensitive skin May not be suitable as these substances can cause long-term effects or skin irritation. After using it, the skin will improve, it may increase the risk of irritation or acne, so avoid toner. with these various ingredients would be the best


How do you use a toner?

– After cleansing the face Let the liner dry. For skin with acne prone skin problems Recommended to blot your face after washing your face. Should use tissue paper to blot dry instead of using a towel because towels There are many deteriorating cells that stick to the fabric. when we clean our face Then bring a towel to blot your face. It’s like Bring the dirt back down to the surface again. It may be a risk of clogging and acne.

– Drop the toner onto a cotton pad. It is recommended that it is a cotton pad that is used in conjunction with cosmetics, it is better to drop the cotton pad to be moderately moist, not too much and not too dry to wipe and then our face has a cotton ball sticking out. It is considered okay. Wiping can be wiped along the hair follicle, wiped down, or most popularly wipe back the pores to open the pores. Cleans pores deeply.

– Gently wipe the cotton pad on the face. Do not exert too much force. Help prevent wrinkles on the face.

– when you wipe clean on face, you can use a cotton pad to wipe half of the face at a time. to be able to clean the face thoroughly When finished wiping Turn the cotton ball on the other side to wipe away the rest.


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