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How To Mount A Flat Screen TV To A Concrete Wall

The houses are built using different materials such as bricks, concrete, and more. What if you are stuck while mounting the tv on a concrete wall? First, you can go for concrete wall TV installation service in Las Vegas If you have enough budget. It’s a fact that not every person can afford a professional to mount a TV. Don’t worry! We have a solution for you.

Concrete walls are sturdy, and drilling something on them is a difficult task. However, if you want to mount the tv on it, it’s a good decision due to its strength. Usually, nylon plugs or concrete screws are used for mounting.

We have shared the authentic method with proper steps to know how to mount a flat screen tv to a concrete wall. Check out the details below.

Necessary Tools and Supplies

Before starting, you need some necessary tools and supplies for this job. It’s always good to think about the tools even though we have provided you with a list. The reason is that maybe you need something other than our provided list. It will give you a great advantage to perform the task easier and more efficiently. So, our suggested supplies are:

  • A level
  • A high-quality wall mount
  • Screws and bolts (if not included in the packaging)
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • A hammer
  • A helper (optional)
  • Concrete anchors
  • Small vacuum tiny nozzle

Make a list and checkmark all the supplies for verification purposes.

Steps To Mount A Flat Screen To A Concrete Wall

Mounting TV on concrete walls is different from ordinary walls. You need a high-power drill, carbide-tipped masonry bits, and other supplies so that they can easily penetrate the wall. If you try to use the ordinary bits, they will damage easily. Here is the step-by-step guide to mounting a tv on a concrete wall:

Step 1: Mounting Location

Before getting started, make sure you have decided on the mounting location. Several factors should be considered to help you choose the right location. First, the location should be close to the power outlet. Secondly, you will not have to face any issues while watching tv. On the other hand, it should not be close to the sunlight source, such as the window. When you follow these steps, you will find the best location for mounting the tv.

Step 2: Examine The Height

If you are taking help from a person, ask him to hold the tv and mount it at a specific height. The height should not be too high or low but optimal. The level should match the eyes and give you a comfortable watching experience. Usually, the center of the tv might be 42 inches from the floor.

Step 3: Prepare The Wall

Now it’s time to make holes into the wall. A hammer drill is a good option. Mark on the wall using a pencil and drill the holes. Follow the instruction guide to make holes carefully and gently. Usually, it is suggested to make half inches or 1-inch holes, but it depends on the included screws. After drilling, clean the debris with the help of a vacuum and a tiny nozzle.

Step 4: Fix The Mount On The Wall

Ask your helper to hold the mount and check the level. Now, it’s time to install the concrete anchors, place the anchors on the holes, and put them inside with the help of a hammer. Use a hammer gently as it can damage the wall further. After that, install the tv mount using the screws.

Step 5: Attach The TV

Next, this time is to attach the tv to the mounting. Hold the tv with the help of another person and put it on the mounting. Check the alignment and other screws. Tight the screws behind the tv and check they should not be tightened high.

Step 6: Check The Stability (Testing)

Finally, we are done with mounting the TV. It’s time to test it. Sit on your couch or lay on the bed and start watching TV. Check the angle and watch comfort, even examine everything. Congrats! You are ready to go.

Step 7: Cable Connections

Now attach the power cable and other necessary cables to the tv. Try not to create a mess of the cables and use a cable tie to bind them. If you are facing issues in installing the cables, you can unmount them and attach the cables. After all, hang it again on the wall.

Final Words

In conclusion, it’s all about mounting the tv on a concrete wall. The procedure is pretty simple, but you need to follow the right instructions. As long as the use of tools and planning is good, you will not face any issues. Always buy high-quality anchors and mounting as they have to bear the weight of tv. Enjoy mounting tv easily.


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