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How To Know If You Are Ready To Get Married

Getting married to someone is one of the most significant decisions of your life. Being committed to one another and promising to hold hands for a lifetime probably makes your heart feel cheerful but afraid at the same time. Be it an arranged or a love marriage, how would you know you are ready for it? We all can agree that many couples break up daily, Bodrum Escort , but at the same time, millions of people get married within a year.

If you are thinking about getting married at the right age (of course, after you are legally an Adult), do not worry because age is just a number. We know that it’s not as simple as we imagine, but we need to think about the pros and cons of getting into a commitment. There has to be no confusion for promising someone about being together for the rest of your lives. Let’s dig deeper into some of the most critical factors to evaluate before getting married. 

1. Are you comfortable and confident with your personal life and earnings? 

You might get the desire to get married and live a happy married life, similar to what we can see in the movies. But remember that the films are predominantly fictional and way too different from real life. Proper financial planning is highly needed to ensure that we can fulfill our day-to-day needs and plan on savings for a secured future.

Apart from being financially secure, you would need to try to be comfortable with the thoughts of getting married. Unless your mind doesn’t make you feel like getting into a commitment, please don’t do it! There are thousands of couples just pushing their relationships instead of enjoying every single moment of them being together. Therefore, put all of your thoughts in the right place before getting wed.

2. Does your family put on the pressure to get married?

Trust me! You are not alone. Many people fall into this trap of getting married under some pressure from friends or family members. However, the result is not always satisfactory. Many couples fall into broken pieces after a few days of being married. But again, they continue putting a fake smile in front of their loved ones pretending to be happy with their partner. Do not feel pressured when your loved ones push you to get married.

Instead, sit together and talk with them about your thoughts and speak from your heart. There is a 99% chance that they won’t listen, but still, you can utilize that 1% to speak up and convey your feelings. There is a little, but still, a chance to delay your marriage when you feel just agreeing to it under pressure. Make up your mind to go for a long-term commitment and understand that sometimes you will need to sacrifice some of your goals or dreams to sustain a healthy relationship. And again, if you can’t do it, please don’t!

3. Understand if this is the right person for you

Let’s go over a short story of mine. There was someone close to my heart whom I loved and adored from the bottom of my heart. I always wanted to marry this person as she always used to make me feel special. However, we ended up not being married and continue to communicate as good friends. She was pretty much fond of flowers, but she used to live in a different city named Jaipur while I lived in Nagpur. Lilies were her favorite, and whenever she visited my place, I used to find Flowers in Nagpur for her.

Whereas, when she went back to her hometown, I used to send flowers to Jaipur, and she would love such small surprises. Being in a relationship for several years, we knew that we loved each other, but still, we couldn’t be together as our thoughts were completely different, and that’s what we agreed on. Understanding if that person is the right one for you is a crucial part to go through before getting married. We realized that even when we love being together, it will be better for us to stay apart.

There is a famous quote – “marriages are made in heaven”! However, understanding that you are prepared to get married is the key to making it worth it! Therefore, take your time, understand the pros and cons of getting married and go for it only when ready.

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