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How To Install An HD Lace Front Wig Without Glue

If you enjoy flaunting endless styles while still maintaining a natural look, there’s nothing quite like human hair wigs. And, among the various types of wigs, HD Lace Front Wig lets you sport the best hairstyles! 

That being said, properly installing HD lace wigs is one of the major concerns since the lace of these wigs is incredibly delicate.  If you have sensitive skin or just don’t want to go through the hassle of applying and drying glue then we have just the guide for you! Continue reading to learn our advice and bid farewell to bad hair days.

Steps to Install HD Lace Frontal Wig Without Glue 

Steps to Install HD Lace Frontal Wig Without Glue
Steps to Install HD Lace Frontal Wig Without Glue

Tools You Need: 

Before beginning the procedure of putting the HD lace wigs without adhesive, you must ensure that you have these tools on hand.

  • Wig Tape
  • Depending on the hair type, a Comb or a Brush 
  • Short Bladed Sharp Scissors 


Step one: Prepping Your Natural Hair 

You must ensure that your lace front area is clean and oil-free before attaching your HD lace front wig. This will help your HD lace wig stay securely on your hair. Keep your inner scalp clean and fresh by washing your hair before wearing a wig. Ensure that your natural hair is flat on your head so that you can place the lace wig quickly and easily.

Step Two: Wearing A Wig Cap 

Wearing Brazilian HD Lace wigs will help you achieve the look of a natural scalp. Make sure that your hair is braided down and is laid as flat as possible.

Step Three: Cutting The Adhesive Strips 

Cut the sticky double-sided wig tape strips to the proper size and form using your scissors. You must watch out when cutting your adhesive strips so that they are not cut too long. Your strips will be seen outside of the lace front wigs if they are cut too long. Additionally, if it is too thin, it won’t stick around for very long.

Step Four: Applying The Adhesives 

Stick the tape to the lace front wigs after cutting them.  Then remove the backing strips and gently place the wig on your head after making sure that all of the tapes on the lace front are placed in the right spot. 

Step Five: Styling Your Looks 

When you’re finished, trim the extra lace. Ensure that your HD lace wig is positioned correctly. If it feels comfortable, push firmly for around ten seconds on the adhesive on the front of your wig cap. You can maintain the baby hair on your forehead with an edge control cream for a stunning appearance.

Benefits Of Using HD Lace Wigs 

Looks Super Natural 

Looks natural 
Looks natural

These HD lace wigs are carefully stitched to the wig cap. It is constructed entirely of actual hair and makes them practically invisible. So when you wear this one, nobody will ever realize that you are wearing an HD lace wig. It will therefore make your hair look more realistic to produce a natural appearance.


Suitable For Any Occasions 

Suitable for any occasions 
Suitable for any occasions

On many occasions, you can wear this style of Brazilian HD Lace wigs. It is the ideal answer for any situation or hairstyle. These top-notch wigs can be worn for various events, including weddings, birthdays, vacations, prom, and regular trips.

Versatility In Styling 

Versatility in Styling 
Versatility in Styling

You can divide your hair as you wish and create several hairstyles with HD lace wigs, which is an interesting fact. Since you can’t see the base outside, you don’t need to worry about styling your hair. Other wig varieties do not offer these kinds of opportunities. You can choose the style you like.

Gives Breathing Space To Your Scalp 

Gives breathing space to your scalp 
Gives breathing space to your scalp

Traditional wigs include robust wig caps because these wigs won’t be able to breathe on your scalp. As a result, most people find wearing regular wigs uncomfortable. High-definition lace front wig caps are plush, cozy, and let your scalp breathe. So that you never experience uncomfortable or too much heat.

Lasts Longer 

Lasts longer 
Lasts longer

This HD lace wig is comfortable to wear all day. The wig can be worn however you choose. You can confidently choose this HD lace wig if you are worried about the restrictions of your wig. The wig’s sturdy adjustable straps are the reason it stays in place for so long. 


Everyone enjoys wearing wigs and desires to have more elegant hair. These HD Brazilian human hair wigs are delicate, lovely, and special. HD full lace wigs provide maximum transparency while also making styling much easier. Use the steps mentioned above to install HD lace wigs without the tacky mess of glue.

Get your HD lace frontals from True Glory Hair, as they have the best HD human hair wigs made with 100% Brazilian hair. They are easy to install and style, and extremely versatile. 


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