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How To Choose a Reliable Fitness Band?

It’s good to know how many kilometers you walk in a day, whether you can call a full-fledged sleep and whether the pulse goes off the scale in the gym. Especially when a small wrist gadget is involved in the calculations. The opportunity to learn more about yourself attracts not only athletes. Today, fitness trackers can be seen even in those who are far from sports.

Type of Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is a miniature bracelet that allows you to collect data on the owner’s physical activity, organize it and transfer it to a smartphone. Measures heart rate, number of steps, distance traveled, sleep duration, and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Budget trackers show time, date, calories, heart rate, call, and notification messages on your smartphone. Advanced models display information on the display, and control sleep and awakening in the desired phase. Some models recognize not only running but also other types of activity – swimming, triathlon, cycling, and more. Check out the watch fit2 price and you would want to purchase it. If you want the gadget to solve more problems, pay attention to multifunctional smartwatches.

Platform support

Most models support iOS and Android at the same time. This greatly simplifies the task of the buyer, who does not need to select a smart bracelet for a specific smartphone.


  • IPS: modified LCD technology, which is characterized by high brightness, competent color reproduction, and wide viewing angles;
  • OLED: The screen does not need additional illumination because it is emitted by the pixels themselves. It reproduces colors qualitatively; the image is clearly visible on a sunny day;
  • Super AMOLED: More brightness, clarity, and accurate color reproduction.

Scratch protection

The better the scratch protection, the less you need to worry about the safety of your gadget. In inexpensive models, protection is made of plastic and protective glasses. Gorilla Glass and sapphire coating are considered the most reliable.


The main task of the tracker is to collect information about the physical activity of the owner. In addition, he also reports on calls made to the smartphone, and, at the request of the owner, on messages that have come to the social network. A handy option if you don’t want to miss a call while jogging or at the gym.


The call may get lost in the city noise. But if the clock starts to vibrate, it immediately attracts attention. It will be useful for parents of small children and people who must keep silent at work.

LED indication

Visually informs that a call/message has been made to the smartphone, the gadget needs to be recharged or has already been charged.

Sleep monitoring

The fitness tracker can monitor sleep phases and wake up the owner at the right time. Proper awakening relieves a person from feeling tired and lack of sleep, he feels cheerful and full of energy. Additionally, the system collects information about how long you sleep, and how many times you wake up, and evaluates the quality of sleep.

Useful Features

  • The heart rate monitor helps to control the heart rate during sports, which is so important for people with cardiovascular diseases.
  • The pedometer counts the number of steps taken per day and estimates the amount of load.
  • The accelerometer determines the speed of your movement and position in space.
  • The tonometer measures pressure with an error of 10%. If it is important to know the exact pressure, it is better to purchase professional blood pressure monitors.
  • The GPS tracker determines the geographic coordinates of the wearer of the smart bracelet. In some models it is used to measure distance and calculate the speed of movement, in others it is used as a navigator complete with maps.

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