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How to Animate 3D Objects in Procreate on iPad

Animations that are 2D is a common thing in Procreate. But this time, thanks to this Procreate 5.2 update it is now possible to not only apply paint to 3D models but also create animations on your iPad too. The animated objects can be saved as animation pictures and video files easily. The 3D animation and painting feature is available on all iPads such as iPad mini 6, the M1 iPad Pro as well as the iPad mini 6. iPad mini 6.. Also, for 3D users or artists who are eager to master the feature in a way, we’ll jump straight into how to create animated 3D objects with Procreate.

Make 3D objects animated using Procreate (2021)

The ability to create 3D animations using Procreate isn’t as efficient as the other well-known 3D modeling tools for CAD and game engines. Even having 3D capabilities Procreate is an artist tool in its fundamental. This means that you can be expecting a few basic animations of it, and nothing more than that.

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What exactly are Animation Effects for 3D Objects in Procreate?

In procreate 3d the animation options are available when creating 3D objects. These options are to be used for display purposes and, at present, have no usefulness in the real world. Let’s take a quick look at the basic options prior to learning how to create animated 3D items and then export them to export.

Animation Rotate

Like the name suggests the effect causes the 3D object turn around a particular area. The rotation acts as the effect of zooming as well, as the object changes it’s distance to the camera. If you put multiple light sources within Procreate you will be able to see their light reflect back onto the 3D object as it rotates. Rotation is an excellent way to present your models from every angle.

Animation Swing

In terms of functionality the effect is comparable functionally, this effect is similar to Animated Rotate. However, instead of the full 360-degree turn, the object here reverts to its starting point after a 180-degree turn as it gets close to where the camera is. It can also have additional lighting and zoom effects that can help create depth in the 3D models you create.

At present, these options may seem restricted, but we can anticipate additional animation effects that are to Procreate in the future updates. These animated options are customizable in speeds (or speed). You can also change the level of zoom and duration of the animation prior to exporting an object in 3D. Beyond these fundamental options, each format for exporting has its own unique options. We will discuss these in the following section.

Animation Export Options to 3D Models in Procreate

There are a variety of options for exporting animated images in Procreate. The effects of all of them remain identical, but the internal settings might differ little. Let’s start animating 3D objects using Procreate.

1. Begin in the beginning by opening up your 3D models you wish to move by pressing theon it on the home screen of Procreate. In this tutorial, we’ll utilize the 3D Skateboard that is one of the examples of 3D models made available by Procreate.

2. After that, tap the ” Actions” button identified by an then tap thewrench icon in the upper right corner. When the Actions menu is displayed, click to”Share”. “Share”button.

3. Additionally, you’ll be able to access many sharable files extensions, such as the common Procreate, USDZ, and OBJ options, as well as numerous animated formats. You can hit any of the animation formats to open options associated with it. Let’s review the various animated options prior to making your choice.

GIF with animation GIF

GIFs are among the most simple animated formats that you can use. They don’t support audio, and therefore tend to be smaller and less high-quality than other file formats that use animation.

Procreate provides GIFs with two resolutions -“Max Resolution” and “Web Ready. “Max Resolution” renders GIFs in 720p resolution. GIPS at 720 px resolution which is a large file. In contrast, the “Web ready” option improves the quality of the image and decreases overall size. file. It is among the few options that are exclusive, this format lets you switch off or on Dithering. It’s a kind of noise applied to images in order to minimize distortion, even when they are larger. You can also enable each frame to have a color palette that allows you to output more precise shades, but it’s not visible within the animated GIF.

PNG with animation

In the theory of things the concept of animated PNG is comparable with GIF files. However, these are more vibrant colours, some degree or transparency as well as generally superior quality images. Procreate lets you export 3D models in “Max Resolution” and “Web Ready” resolution. But, if you intend to publish your 3D model on the internet it is possible to reconsider your decision.

animated PNG seems appealing in theory but it’s not supported by all platforms. For instance, the iPad’s Photos app displays the file as static image when exported using Procreate. If you’re looking for the file in a low-quality format for ease of transfer, GIF is still the best option. If you want a higher-quality file you could always go to MP4 files. MP4 file.

MP4 with animation

The most dependable and popular choice among users is MP4. Procreate, aside from animation effects, offers choices to select what resolution the file will be. It is possible to export an MP4 with a resolution of up to 4K pedro linares. If you are planning to upload content onto social media sites like Facebook as well as Instagram then selecting “square” would be the ideal option. The software will instantly bring the 3D object to the center of attention. The majority of the space within the frame is cropped.

Animated HEVC

The last option for export offered by Procreate for 3D animated object is HEVC. It is an relatively less well-known format for files. It is expected to have the same quality and resolution of MP4 when using HEVC. The only alternative it gives you is a translucent background. The HEVC file works just as any other video file as well, and like transparent PNG it can be placed it on different backgrounds without difficulty. The highest resolution for HEVC that Procreate can offer is 4K.

How do I export animated 3D Objects from Procreate to iPad

After selecting the format you want to use and making any necessary changes, the only thing left to accomplish is to download the document.

1. If you want to save the animated 3D files click to the ” Export” buttonon the upper right-hand corner of the screen for export.

2. After the loading is complete, Procreate will open up the share sheet and prompt you to act regarding the document. You can upload the exported file using Airdrop or through the Mail program, or any other popular messaging app such as WhatsApp Telegram, or other. Yes, you can utilize WhatsApp on the iPad without difficulty and we’ve included a the complete guide on your site. You can also select to select the ” Save to Files” or ” Add to Photos” option to save the 3D animated image locally onto your iPad.

3. If you want to save 3D documents locally, simply tap on the “Save to Files” option and select the appropriate file spot on your phone. Next, click on the ” Save” button located in the upper right corner of the window that pops up. You can store your 3D model to Apple’s iCloud, or any other cloud storage applications.

You can easily create animations of 3D objects with Procreate in just a few steps

Due to the lack of options, it’s possible to create 3D animations using Procreate at present. We expect Procreate to provide more complex and diverse options in the near future. If you are planning to show their work as well as how they want their 3D models will appear the options currently available should be sufficient. If not, you could capture any screen on your iPad screen as you manually move the 3D object using Procreate. A lot of users opt direct create a print directly from their iPad to give an original copy to their customers. You are able to choose the method that best suits your needs. If you are stuck ask us in the comment section below, and we’ll help you to get the answers you need.

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