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Everyone knows about Social Media. Everyone knows what Facebook is and many use it, often not in the best way, giving the impression that such a powerful platform is basically just a virtual square where everyone shouts and nobody listens.

Of course, the reality is always much more multifaceted than opinion, and today there are millions of companies that use Social Media Marketing to promote their business online by exploiting the unstoppable power of very popular virtual squares. Why shouldn’t you do the same with your furniture store? If such a powerful tool is available to everyone, the best thing is not to ignore it but to learn how to use it at its best, don’t you think?

Listening, involving, measuring and promoting: are the four key objectives on which a good Social Media Marketing activity is based. With the support of specialized professionals, you will discover that you can get a lot from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn for a limited economic investment.

Social Media for furniture: we tell you a success story

In our full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we often find ourselves managing the identity and reputation on social networks of many companies specialized in various sectors, including furniture. From the moment we know the customer, our goal is always to help them understand how much these tools can affect the opinion that users have of their business. Not only that: it is also important to remember that Social Media, in their natural and most modern evolution, are also the vehicle for identifying activities in the area, and for evaluating the quality of products and services.

The role of the Social Media Manager is essential not only in defining the customer’s corporate identity on social media in the best possible way but also for the correct and balanced management of any critical issues and advertising campaigns envisaged by the various platforms.

Social Media Marketing should therefore always take into account the many tools made available to companies by social networks: for these to bring effective results it is not enough to open a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a YouTube channel … but also to manage them in a coordinated way and smart, offering users truly interesting content that brings them added value and the desire to buy .

During our ten years of activity , we have worked with different realities in the furniture and Inter ior Design sector : for each of them we have formulated an ad hoc strategic plan , because we are aware of the peculiarities and uniqueness of each company . For all of them, we have created a synergistic solution that would make the best use of the tools at our disposal.

For the Interior Design activity that for the occasion we will call X , we started with the structuring of complete company profiles on what we considered to be the best social channels for the customer. Specifically, we have created a coherent and immediately identifiable corporate image from a graphic and aesthetic point of view, on which we have built profiles and pages in Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube .

Once the brand identity was established on the social channels, we used Google+ and Facebook to identify the activity also at the local advertising level , while taking advantage of the monitoring tools offered by the platforms to understand at what times of the week and day the company received the most contacts. We then carefully studied the target audience to hit with our content.

Then came the important moment to give life to the draft of the conversation calendar : our expert copywriters and Social Media Managers have structured an editorial plan on a monthly basis, defining the topics of interest related to and complementary to the proposals of the brands, which are more commercial and which must necessarily be limited on social channels , in order not to bore users. Frequency, tone of voice, register of responses to be provided to users and subdivision of the issues are in this sense the essential ingredients to create a tasty social “cake” .

The icing , however, is represented by the ability to create interaction and two-way traffic between the various social platforms and the customer’s website, so as to generate valuable leads , truly relevant to the customer profile sought by the company.

And here the ensemble comes to life . Imagine it as an orchestra:

  • The Facebook company page becomes the virtual place in which to share news of general interest that can be used by the public, and to propose discounts, news, products both through organic and paid traffic
  • The brand page on Google+ is transformed into a virtual map to physically reach the customer’s activity and to track user behavior in the area, while offering users the opportunity to leave reviews on the company
  • The YouTube channel comes to life with immediately understandable content, video tutorials, infographics, insights on specific furnishing elements or on the ways of making sofas and armchairs
  • The company profile on Pinterest is a large virtual overhead projector on which to “hang” the most beautiful images of the company’s collections, identify them with content of interest and link them directly to the technical data sheets on the website, intercepting users who are particularly interested in the Interior Design
  • Finally, the company page on LinkedIn is the most professional vehicle to get in touch with professionals and partners, look for new employees and collaborators, expand your business abroad through direct contact with figures of interest, participate in discussions and insights on groups of sector

The intertwined and interconnected social project for the X furniture showroom proved to be a great success : it not only increased website visits and brought more customers to the store, but also offered users the opportunity to get to know the brand better and to speak directly with its representatives, understanding their specialties and uniqueness .

At the same time, our client company has realized that a powerful engine like that of social networks can work properly if fed with the right fuel .


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