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How Can You Track Your Freight Shipments More Accurately?

In today’s modern world, there are a few reasons why your shipment can be delayed. With a professional transportation-management system and availability of high technologies, ensuring the proper success of the freight shipments is possible.

Nowadays, an average customer can easily track the position of their package. If the package can be tracked from the source to destination without any problem by the average customers, then the companies should face no problem going through the large freight shipments.

If the shipment is late, it will cause a problem for everyone. Freight is one of the most important aspects for the manufacturers to maintain their work schedule. Therefore, delays in shipments will become extremely problematic. However, if they know beforehand that the shipments will be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, they will be able to create an effective plan. There are various ways through which you can track your freight shipments properly. Continue reading the article to know more.

Use the Website of the Shipping Company

Many massive shipping companies in the world offer proper tracking software on their websites. The tracking software on the company’s website is extremely helpful for the real-time location of the shipment. You need to know some essential details regarding custom freight tracking so that you will be able to access the information properly from their websites. If you’re considering shipping your goods through freight forwarding services, don’t forget to share the tracking numbers of the specific products with the customers. This way they will be able to follow the location of their items. They will also be able to know whether the items departed from the origin or not.

Package the Shipments for Fast Arrival 

While shipping the materials, you need to ensure that your goods are prepared for the journey. Remember that the freight services won’t be treated with gloves. This means that you need to pay close attention to the packaging so that can be secured. You also need to use protective materials so that you can protect the goods from damage.

If you have any issues regarding the packaging of the products, you need to contact the shipping company as soon as possible. If you think that you need to repack the freight, the arrival date will also be delayed. Apart from packaging the goods properly, make sure you include proper measurements so that you can keep the shipments on schedule.

Follow the AEI Tags

Locomotives, railcars, and semi-trucks are dependent on AEI or automatic equipment identification tags as per the tracking details. These tags will be presented in every vehicle that moves across the United States. The AEI tag readers use different types of radio frequencies so that they can read the tags when the vehicle passes by. Rail yards, freight companies, and trucking companies use different types of software items so that they can watch the asset over the country. The readers will share essential data in real-time, which will give the stakeholders proper information that they can share with their customers. This will help you improve relationships with the customers. As per SmallBiz, it’s important to build customer relationships.


This is how you can track your freight shipments more accurately. What are your opinions? Make sure you comment below to let us know.


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