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Get Your Money Back If You Have Gotten Scammed by Your Broker

In this day and age getting scammed by a forex broker is something quite ordinary! They have no guilty conscience and steal from investors. I know this may sound extremely opinionated, but it is true. Almost 91% of forex brokers online are a scam – they blind investors with dream-like opportunities and turn them into nightmares when they take off and leave with all the innocent individuals’ hard-earned money. However, this isn’t like olden times now – we fight fire with fire! If you’ve ever gotten scammed these are the steps you should follow to recover your money from any scammer

  1. Collect all the information you have

The first step which is the most important step is to collect any information about the scammer. I know you’re probably really worried right now but you need to do this before you lose all the vital information. Online scammers are extremely clever and cunning. They know their way around things and can easily fool people and delete all their accounts so that they don’t get caught.

However, there’s always a loophole and the scammer will always leave some proof due to hurrying and rushing to vanish and prepare for the next scam. This is your chance to gather all their information from the contact number, the email address that they provided you, the account number they gave you, screenshots of all your conversations with them, the username of the account, the fake names or IDs they gave you and any other information that could help you find the scammer. This is all extremely vital information that will be used to file an official report against the scammer.

  1. Report the broker

The second step which is equally as important is to report the broker or scammer to the appropriate authorities. Now each country, city, state, and town have different organizations  and federal agencies that are known for dealing with all cases of fraud and scamming. In the United States there are several federal agencies such as the department of justice or the federal trade commission. 

The scammer that took all your money is likely to scam someone else and since scammers have perfected their scamming pattern they stick to that. They scam several people with the same pattern and once you provide the government and federal agencies with the information they’ll easily connect it to the scammer because there’s more victims of the same scammer. 

This will make it very easy to identify the fraud and recover your money. The government agencies have the highest quality and standards of fraud detection technology and hence they’ll easily get you your money back.

  1. Block all credit card transactions

Another very important step is to block your credit card and report all the transactions that were made by the scammer. Since you have given your private information to the scammer because you were investing or shopping online they can easily use your card and make countless transactions. The best way to stop this is to call your bank and get the card blocked to avoid any further loss.

  1. EzChargeback to your rescue

Another way to recover money and report a scam is through Ezchargeback. The company specialises in recovering money from online scams and specialises in reporting online scams. This company is known for its services and there have been several customers that have vouched for Ezchargeback’s services. I have personally experienced their exceptional services first hand. I got scammed in 2021 through a fake clothing website which took my card and other financial and personal information and the minute I entered that website crashed and my money was gone. I lost almost 500 US dollars and this company helped me report the scam and recover my money. I recovered my money and the scammer got caught. This is all because of this amazing company that my friend recommended.

I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about Ezchargeback because they are a customer oriented business that specialises in recovering money from scams and reporting scams as well. This company is the best out there and I vouch for their services. Trust me when i say this company is dedicated towards recovering your money from any type of scam be it Forex trading scams, online scams or cryptocurrency scams. This website will surely allow you to recover your money from the malicious scammer and they will help you file an official report to catch the scammer. 

They are experts in this field and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about this company. They have excellent customer service and they are great at giving follow ups and assuring you that you’ll get your money back. This is definitely one company I can vouch for and trust me you won’t be disappointed!


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