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Get Creative With Your Packaging Boxes!

When creating your packaging box design, the logo is often the central piece of the design. Ensure your logo is a high-quality vector file to avoid pixelation, and use brand colors to convey your brand presence. For example, the designer at Alex Ko uses a sleeved mailer box and a plain shipping box to communicate his brand presence. In this video, he illustrates the process of creating a stunning box.

Designing a box

The structure of a box depends on the product you’re packaging. Consider the size, shape, and material of your packaging. Consider where your product will be sold, how many items you’ll pack, and the preferences of your customers. If your packaging is for point-of-purchase items, you may want to consider an edge-locked sleeve or display box. When designing for large-scale production, consider the amount of material your product will require.

The first step in designing your packaging is deciding what type of box you’ll need. The size of the individual panels will determine whether your box will be a large or small box. The dimensions of a mailer box are 10″ x 6.5″ x 2″. You’ll also want to decide on a basic theme for your packagings, such as a color scheme and color code. Additionally, you’ll want to decide if the design is on the outside of the box or the inside. Once you’ve determined all of these factors, you can start designing your box.


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There are a variety of packaging patterns available. They can range from abstract designs to vector graphics. To create a unique pattern, you can use free graphics and icons available on sites like Canva. Once you have selected the design that you like, you can edit the design to make it fit your brand. You can even make your own packaging patterns with a little creativity! To create your own unique packaging boxes, follow these steps:

Geometric patterns are highly effective because they convey a feeling of organization, efficiency, and logic. They can also be used to disrupt customer expectations and create a sense of chaos. By inserting elements that break the harmony, you can capture the attention of your target audience. Using these patterns is also a great way to add visual intrigue to packaging. In this article, we’ll show you how to create patterns with Illustrator.


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When designing a packaging box, a designer should consider the product’s personality and the audience. Most packaging uses soft intermediate colors like peach and pink. Red and black are used to indicate toxicity. Soft shades of blue can be used in makeup packaging, but they are not the only option. Using these colors in your packaging will increase its visibility on the shelves and influence the buying decision of potential buyers. Additionally, incorporating themes from current festivals or popular events on packaging can add to the aesthetics of the box and also increase your brand’s awareness.

When choosing colors for your packaging, keep in mind your audience. For instance, a product that is feminine might not look as good in dark colors like black and red. A product that is aimed at a more upscale audience might be better represented by neutral colors, such as white. While simple color schemes can work for some products, they can quickly become outdated if they’re used in the wrong way. For example, the neon 80s and pinks of the 00s are not universally appealing.


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When it comes to choosing the right typeface for your packaging boxes, it is important to remember the basic rules of typography. While the primary text will be located on the facade, the secondary text should appear on the interior. The primary text is essential when customers are less than a foot away from the package. The secondary text contains tiny writing, like ingredients or cautions. You can even use a combination of both upper and lower case lettering to convey the message clearly.

Use hierarchy to direct the customer’s eye and make reading easier. When done correctly, typography on a packaging box should not look like it was printed on it. It should jump off the surface and make the customer process the information without thinking twice about it. Typography on packaging boxes should also be appealing and easy to read. It can influence a customer’s decision to purchase a particular product. Learning about fonts and how to apply them will make your next packaging box design a piece of cake.

Cut-out details

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Custom-designed boxes can feature cut-out details. These details can be a window, a logo, or any other custom shape. Window cut-outs can also extend from one panel to another. A thin plastic film is applied to the window area to prevent the boxed product from tampering with the edges of the cutout. The design team will work with you to create the ideal cut-out for your packaging needs.



With an extensive range of customization options, stickers for packaging boxes can help create brand recognition and promote the products of your business. In addition to enhancing the appearance of products, stickers can also help promote discounts and sales. For example, they can be used to announce special offers like two-for-one offers. Customers are also likely to remember your company if your stickers have a custom design. You can choose from a number of stickers for your packaging boxes, such as company logos and slogans.

Another way to enhance your brand’s presence is through stickers. They are an inexpensive way to promote your business, as well as a form of advertising. Stickers allow you to display your business name and contact information prominently on your packaging while avoiding the cost of printing on cardboard boxes. These inexpensive labels also add an air of luxury and professionalism to your products. Stickers are closely related to labeling, but they differ in their application and how much information they carry.


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