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First on Google is not enough: quality and social media are needed

It is necessary to appear on the first page of the search engine: with this mantra an entire generation of SEO specialists, more or less experts, has grown and continues to feed. But being first on Google is not enough to guarantee a successful positioning and, consequently, the achievement of the set goals. The quality of the site and the appropriate use of social media marketing techniques also make the difference .

There are millions of online sites, which is why it is essential to orient the work on your site in order to get out of the jungle and position yourself first, to be easily reachable by users in the organic search , which differs from the sponsored one ( paying to have clicks). Therefore it is not important that when typing the name of your company, business or site it appears first, as this is quite logical; what is important is that this happens by typing a keyword into the search engine. Therefore, not only must the keyword be studied, researched and relevant, but the criteria that make the site authoritative must also be respected. Who has never heard of SEO, that is those that series of activities aimed at improving the positioning of websites on search engines. Therefore, improve the quality of the site to improve its “traceability”.

Focus on quality: how can you improve the site?

There are four fundamental elements on which to base your site, four basic pillars which cannot be ignored.
• Domain: The domain name you have chosen, seniority and history in case it has been purchased from others; still important are the extensions where Google favors some specifics.
• Structure: type of CMS possibly used, graphic layout, loading speed, how the internal linking is structured, code optimization, meta tags.

  • Contents: it is advisable to focus on a specific topic and also always prefer textual content.
  • Backlink: it is important to be linked from other sites, through link building activities , excellent content is not enough. It is strongly not recommended to search for backlinks from spam, porn, pirated and similar sites.

The role of social media in positioning

Social media is too powerful a tool to be ignored by companies and, unless there is a sudden revolution in SEO and SEM, they are destined to increase their importance and influence over time. However, it is still not entirely clear how search engines use the various Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to rate a website.

Although Google has stated that its algorithm uses signals from social networks as a factor for positioning, in reality it is widespread knowledge that likes, retweets, pins, follows, etc. do not affect the search results.

So social networks do not directly impact the ranking, although they represent a very powerful SEO tool.

The question then is: do you need social media to be first on Google? Yes, but indirectly. Through the relevance within one or more communities, the site increases its authority and therefore becomes important and of quality also for search engines, which will consequently evaluate it positively.

Using social media is not just about creating bait content, because it would not serve to acquire a large community of followers. Fake accounts should also be avoided, because they represent a number, but they do not interact with the content, they do not share it. And even if someone did it for them, it would have to pass Google’s value authenticity check.

To get to be first on Google, competence and professionalism are required, elements that can be found in the resources of a well-structured web agency with the appropriate certifications.


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