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Everything about heeled mule shoes

Heeled mules shoes initially came from Rome. But recently also come from Egypt and Turkey. It is constraint  around the footwear, has a thick square shaped heel and has no back.

So, here is the article that will inform you about basic and interesting details about mules shoes. You are going to know about its different types, its versatility, little bit of its history, bonus tips to wear them with your different outfits, etc.

Back then it wasn’t used as a fashion or wore in public but people used to wear it as slippers in their homes and bedrooms. If we talk about recent times mules are generally used publically at different colourful and social occasions and events.

In 2009  Margo DeMello’s book “Feet and Footwear: A Cultural Encyclopedia” she definea mules as:

“Mules, or slippers made with just a vamp and no quarters, arose in the Middle East and were favored by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The term mule comes from the Latin mulleus calceus, which indicated the red slippers worn by Patricians. Mules, known as pantofles, were adopted by French heeled mules women by the sixteenth century as bedroom slippers. By the end of the seventeenth century, wealthy French women begin wearing high-heeled, highly adorned mules in public, and even king Louis XIV wore them. In fact, many wealthy men wore mules throughout renaissance Europe, perhaps because they are classic indoor shoes and are generally worn by the leisure classes. But revealing ones naked heels in public was, for many, scandalous, and by the nineteenth century the mule retreated back to the bedroom.

When people started considering mules as a fashion?

It got massive fame when Marilyn Monroe began wearing mules with her stylish dresses publicly.

Different types of mules:

You would like to know that there are further interesting types of mules for different occasions and different people for example:

  • Men’s mules that are specifically designed for men
  • Espadrilles that are comfortable flat and casual footwear with no back
  • Capri mules; these are usually sandals with or without heels.
  • Peep toe mule shoes ; these are sort of more representative of sophisticated fashion.

How to wear mule shoes?

Mule shoes are very versatile that can be wore in variety of occasions and represent your fashion in different ways such as it can give you aesthetic look with jeans, more feminine vibes with short dresses and skirts, can make you look cool if you wear them with crop top, cute when used them with frocks etc.

But make sure that when you buy these mule shoes you buy the right size. If you have slim feet go for narrow fitting shoes to prevent it from slipping your feet and if your feet are wider go for the wider options. As mules shoes can be worn in many occasions and events look here are some bonus tips for you:

  • If you wear flat mule shoes then you may wear it with high waisted trousers and a loose fitting jacket.
  • If you were with healed mules shoes then wear them with knee length dresses or mini skirts.
  • If you were them with tight jeans then make sure that the jeans are not colorful or printed. It should be in plain color so your shows should not be ignored.
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