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Custom Closets design ideas

If you’re planning to get an interior design project completed, a custom closet might be the best choice for your needs. Closet Envee will help you get the most out of space in your house. The design process of a custom closet is not difficult, but you should be aware of your specific needs and lifestyle before you decide to invest in it.

When you’re looking for a custom closet, you should consider the following.


A custom closet is more than just a place to store your clothes. It’s something you can use as storage for other things, like boxes and toys, too.

As such, you should make sure to choose a design that’s versatile in terms of storage.

Innovative Designs

Choosing a standard closet design does not guarantee your closet will be perfect. It only means the design will be similar to other closets in the neighborhood.

If you’re planning to make a unique custom closet, visit Closet Envee. You might have to spend more to get a design that’s different from others.

Hanging Space

Before you start the design process, you should determine the amount of hanging space you’ll need. You should count the hangers and available rods to know how much space you can use for hanging your clothes.

When you know how much space you will have, you’ll have an idea of what design you’re going to choose.

Accessory space

When you’re choosing a design for your closet, you should also think about the accessories. Accessories include such things as jewelry, watches, and belts.

If you’re planning to build a custom closet that’s high enough to store these accessories, you should make sure the design has an accessory shelf in it.

Closet type

When you’re choosing a custom closet design, you need to be picky about what type of closet you’ll get. The type of your custom closet is important because it affects the design and functionality. A custom closet can be either an open, closed, or semi-open design.

shoe area

A custom closet is not just for clothes. It can be used for shoe storage as well. If you want to get such a design, choose a design that has a separate shoe area in it. This helps you get the most out of space and use your closet to its full potential.

Navigation systems

When you’re planning to make a custom closet, you should also choose a design that has an attractive navigation system. A good navigation system is convenient to use and improves the overall design of your custom closet.


A good custom closet design has attractive lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures are not just for looks; they help you find your clothes inside the closet. Custom Closets Orlando offers you a wide selection of closet lights and shelves. It is up to you to choose everything that will improve your custom closet.


While custom closets are great for storage and aesthetic purposes, you should keep your specific needs in mind when you’re looking for a design. A custom closet is not something you can get overnight. You should take the time to find the best design for your needs. Visit to get a professional custom closet design and, garage storage.


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