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Cosco Car Seat Review

This Cosco Scenera Next Convertible cosco car seat can adapt to your child’s needs. Car seats for infants tend to be rear-facing the convertible car seat may start facing the rear before being moved to the front when the child grows.

They’re typically cheaper since you will only need to purchase just one vehicle seat rather than two. When your child has grown out of this convertible vehicle seat they’re ready to get the booster. Scenera Scenera is a great option for families with a tight budget and is among the more affordable convertible seats available on the market.

The Cosco Scenera NEXT is astonishly affordable- it is only a tenth of that of our other favourite car seats. In terms of safety it’s pretty much bare bones (though it is in compliance with or surpasses all safety standards set by the federal government). We like this car seat as a car seat that can be used as a travel seat or as a second pink cosco car seat due to its light weight and narrow. It is also easy to set up, and is it CHEAP?

Things We Love

  • Absolutely Expensive: Less than $50. This is not a typo.
  • Travel-friendly: The Cosco Scenera NEXT is the ideal car seat to travel with. It’s light, cheap, and can even be used for Mountain Buggy Nano strollers. Mountain Buggy Nano stroller using this clever trick.
  • Easy Installation: The Scenera NEXT is a simple installation using a seat belt or LATCH, but it does require some muscle to install the belt. Like the other belts you can install the user will have to push into the seats and pull on the belt in order to achieve an ideal fitting.
  • supports three across: At only 17 inches in width the NEXT lets you install three cosco car seat into the back of your car.
  • It is light: At only 11 pounds it is among the lightest convertible seats that is available. This is a great option for people who have to carry their Scenera through the airport.
  • decent looking with Moon Mist It is the Cosco Scenera comes in a myriad of colors that can be very difficult for the eyes. But, Moon Mist, a black and gray combination, is perfectly acceptable for a budget car seat.
  • Things We Don’t Love As Much
  • Fundamental Safety The Cosco Scenera is in compliance with or surpasses all safety standards set by the federal government and comes with Side impact safety. Apart from that it doesn’t have any whistles or bells on this vehicle seat.
  • Newborn Compatible, Not the Most Comfortable Fit:The Scenera NEXT is suitable for babies 5 pounds and over without inserts, due to its low shoulder straps. While it does be safe and functional however, it’s not the most cozy fit and certainly not the best convertible car seat to use for infants generally.
  • Standard Rear-facing Weight Limit:The Scenera NEXT is specifically designed to be rear-facing for up to forty pounds. This is the weight limit that a majority of children reach between three to five. Due to the narrowness of the seat’s base the longer legs are likely to feel at risk of being squished before they reach the weight limit. Be aware that regardless of the leg scrunch, the further the child’s rear-facing ability is in a safe manner, the better off they’ll be in the case of collision. (Cue up to 1:30 in this gruesome video for more information.)
  • Rethread HarnessThe harness needs to be rethreaded every time your child develops. It is easy to accomplish on your Scenera NEXT.
  • Restricted ReclineThe officially-approved recline is ideal for infants that are unable to sit without assistance, however, the Scenera NEXT is also set in a higher place for toddlers who are older. Sometimes, a pool noodles or a towel that is rolled up is needed to get the right recline angle, in accordance with the manual’s directions. you can read about Quick Quack Car Wash Near me


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple
  • Easy to Install
  • Latches Securely
  • Lasts A Long Time


  • Doesn’t Recline In All Vehicles
  • Some Toddler May Outgrow It Quickly
  • Straps Can Twist
  • Little Impact Protection
  • Sharp

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