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Charles Michael Vaughn About Technology

As per Charles Michael Vaughn, Technology has simplified human being’s life. Charles Michael Vaughn mentioned the sentence technology has undoubtedly made life the easiest one. Life is short but comfortable now. Technology has made everything convenient as well as comfortable.

Simplification And Comfort on a Personal Level:

The comfort and simplification in life are done at personal, collective, and societal levels. The convenience of personal belongings such as washing clothes, drying them, keeping the room temperature regular, having cold and hot water by the weather, washing dishes, lying on comfortable beds under a blanket, and the list. Technology has undoubtedly affected our lives in a great run.

Views of Charles Michael Vaughn

According to Charles Michael Vaughntechnology has simplified the objects and many spheres of life in the long run. Technology has made life oversimplified. The fields where technology has done additional favors to human beings are general education, advertising, marketing, and finance.

Charles Michael Vaughn Vocalizes Upon Education

Charles Michael Vaughn further adds up, expressing his points of view that the influence of technological inventions in the field has made the education and learning process quite simplified and convenient. If students do not like to attend a physical school, college, or university, online institutions are there to serve them for this purpose. The online evaluation system is the key if any student has exam anxiety. If students want to have an education in abroad countries, online education is the solution to the problem. If students like to have physical and virtual education together, technology has also simplified the issue. Technology has presented all the answers to the educational field and academic life issues.
if due to COVID19 teachers and students are worried about regular classes, so no worry about that You can easily manage their online classes by blackboard dcccd.  Which is an online learning platform for teachers and pupils. Actually, it is web-based software, especially for educational purposes. The teachers and students can also use Joinpd for online audio and video presentations to manage their daily routine work.

The Field of Advertising And Technology’s Interference:

If we talk about advertising, marketing, and business, technology has solutions for every problem here. If anybody wants to broaden his business, technology has answered the problem with the internet. The internet helps any business to grow by leaps and bounds. If anyone wants to advertise beyond the local limits, technology has the solution of modern advertising such as email, messages, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube advertisements. The advertisements reach the general public through recommended or suggested sessions beyond the advertiser’s imagination.

Marvels of Technology Upon Marketing Techniques:

When it comes to marketing techniques, technology has offered the solution. The advertiser must know where the service is liked the most; the technology has provided the solution through social mentions. The advertiser wants to know the keywords people use to search for some specific services. The technology has offered SEO. The advertiser wants to know about people’s thinking about a particular product and service, and the technology has provided the solution through an automation process. The advertiser wants the advertisement to stand out in many ads; technology has offered an optimization process. In this way, technology has made the advertising and marketing field oversimplified.

The Field of Finance And Technology Favors

When it comes to the technicalities and hurdles in finance, technology has offered a solution to the problem. Technology has provided artificial intelligence, which is inserted in robots. This artificial intelligence, along with robotic technology, has made the field of industries a lot more profitable. The life-threatening hazards are also reduced. The finances are also seen getting positive routes when online banking is introduced. The online transfer of money and interbank transfer of data have made the banking field also convenient. Technology has given rise to remote work, which has offered new job opportunities for people while staying in their homes. The tiny work idea has given rise to many applications offering remote work and getting their fee for every order. Their platforms are a great source of money and a great business idea for the platform holders.

From the preceding argumentation, it can be said that technology has offered the best benefit to life as a whole, says Charles Michael Vaughn. The advantages of technology on personal and professional levels are equally the same. Technology has simplified life in a definite manner.

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