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Can’t Decide Which Link Building Service to Use? Try These Tips For SEO

Backlinks are essential for off-page SEO strategies because they point users to your website from foreign third-party websites. Best backlinks come from reputable and relevant sources to the content they point to. If the source of the backlinks is reliable, your page authority will increase, boosting your SEO ranking through search engines. 

What is Link Building? 

When you have an external website link to your website’s content, it is known as link building. If the page that links to you possesses an enormous page authority, the PA will thus be shared with your page. That will assist google in determining your webpage’s ranking. 

Link building is essential because SEO backlinks are typically considered the best recommendations for outside parties. The backlink from a reputable website indicates that your website’s presentation is of good value. For more assistance, you can check the outreach pricing of a reputable firm. If a website bearing a high ranking in a field of expertise links back, it will be a big vote of confidence for your website, thus encouraging search engines to have faith in your content. Link building could contribute to the remarkable growth of forecasts in organic traffic.  

Your site will thus benefit from the referral traffic targeted from external third-party sites that backlinks to you. 

Best Ways of Acquiring Backlinks 

The Skyscraper Technique  

In this technique, you will follow or conduct the following steps; 

  • Look for a good piece of content in your field of expertise or industry that performs well. You can do that by using Google and searching for the top three search results. 
  • Create the most recent or current piece of content which is more valuable than the three search results, then conduct more with your content than what is already available. 
  • The last step is to promote your content. If you mentioned websites or people in your article, try reaching out to them by informing them and having them link to your content as a reciprocal gesture. 

Additionally, you can contact your industry forums or websites on the topic you discussed with your content. Try to share your content with them and allow them to know whether it is more current or updated. 

Broken Link Building  

In this technique, you look for the broken links in other websites and suggest how to fix them by linking them to your content instead. 

Publish the ‘Últimate Guides’ 

The ‘ultimate guides’ should be hefty and have a huge word count and valuable information. If you don’t wish to leave anything on the cutting room floor, attempt to include a lot of relevant and useful information so that your readers will consider you a reputable source. This strategy will also be helpful when you have a downloadable PDF.  

When people start writing about your targeted topic on their sites, they will most likely start writing about and linking to your guide for readers who wish to get more details. The fact that you can download your guide so that you read it later will add to your user experience. 

Bad Practices to the Acquisition of Backlinks 

Automating Link Generation

This is a spammy technique that will develop few responses. People who receive emails and ask for backlinks will understand that they are auto-generated. Your email thus likely ends up in their trash folder or spam. 

Buying Links  

The tactic of purchasing links is no longer effective as a strategy. Purchasing links will not guarantee the helpfulness or relevance of the links to your site. Your bought links will most likely be bulky and irrelevant and thus could be penalized by Google. 

Commenting on Blogs Purely to Gain Links  

It is advisable to build your reputation as an authoritative figure. Most people make one mistake pushing their website as the best spot to get all answers. People will be wiser and leave you wasting your effort and time with time. 

Recycling Content in Various Pages  

As much as guest blogging is a good idea for backlinking purposes, you could risk being a victim of ‘duplicate content’ if your work is copying content to other sites. Duplicated content leads to the dilution of the potential of the pieces of content since Google will have to choose between the two as it determines the content to rank. 

Things to Consider While Choosing a Link-Building Service    

Link Quality and Site Reputation  

You could look at the authority score of the site when determining reputation. It forecasts the best way a website ranks on a SERP. Scores are generally ranked on a scale of one to a hundred, and as the score rises, the likelihood of the page ranking high in the SERP of Google will also increase. 

The process of Automation  

You need to look for the best practices in the process of automation. You could look for the automation process that schedules and follows up on link requests and leads. 

Service Cost

In this case, the solution is not to go for as cheap as it could get. The idea is to look for services that offer value for your money. 

Final Thoughts  

In the overall SEO strategy, link building is one of the essential parts. You can do it yourself or outsource a trusted company to conduct a backlink outreach on your behalf. Always perform some research as you use the tool of link building to determine the company’s domain that you plan to take your campaign to. 


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