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Can upholstery also be cleaned with detergent?

Upholstery can also be cleaned in this way. For this, we recommend you best mild detergent, which is dissolved in hot water. gold hoverboard lamborghini after the exposure time, you can use a microfiber or terry towel for subsequent cleaning.

Is it possible to remove water stains with upholstery cleaners?

Yes, most upholstery cleaners are suitable for removing different types of stains, including water stains.

Is it possible to use the Koch Chemie Pol Star upholstery cleaner directly?

No, the upholstery cleaner from Koch Chemie is a concentrate. It must be diluted with water and only then sprayed on the cushion. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the material.

Does the Vanish Oxi Action Multi textile cleaner 3027195 textile?

Yes, there are also customer experiences with the upholstery cleaner from Vanish. It may happen that the cleaner can fade textile. It is best to first test the Vanish product in an inconspicuous place before spraying it on the stain.

How is the Meguiar’s G9416EU upholstery cleaner used?

Meguiar’s upholstery cleaner is sprayed directly onto the stain by the atomizer. After that, the moistened area must be wiped dry with a cloth.

What are the advantages of the Sonax XTREME upholstery cleaner?

The Sonax XTREME upholstery cleaner convinces with its particularly gentle effect and also has a color-refreshing effect.

For which applications is the Sonax XTREME Car Interior Cleaner suitable?

The Sonax XTREME upholstery cleaner is suitable for all surfaces in the car interior such as upholstery, carpet, textiles, plastic, and Alcantara.

How long does the Hagen Grote Fresh upholstery cleaner have to act?

The exposure time for the Hagen Grote Fresh is up to 2 hours. For application, the concentrate is diluted with water.

How is it possible that all clothes of the ArmorAll upholstery cleaner stay fresh?

The “Twist & Lock” lid allows all upholstery cleaner cloths 38025L from ArmorAll to stay fresh and moist. The lid cannot open unintentionally.

Is the BiOHY Special Upholstery Cleaner also suitable for stubborn dirt?

Yes, this upholstery cleaner from BiOHY can easily handle wine, coffee, tea, or chocolate stains. In addition, it is free of microplastics and 100% biodegradable.

Is the ArmorAll Universal Active Foam Cleaner also suitable for bright upholstered seats?

The Universal Active Foam Cleaner is suitable for all upholstered seats, as the color does not matter. According to buyer experience with the upholstery cleaner, stains could be removed from bright upholstered seats.

What grades did the individual upholstery cleaners receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal upholstery cleaner test winner from the following list:

First place – good: 1539 by Liqui Moly – exemplary Internet price: 4 Euro

Second place – good: 640112 from Caramba – exemplary Internet price: 8 Euro

Third place – good: Superclean by InnoCHem – exemplary Internet price: 10 Euro

Fourth place – good: Dr. Wack Alcantara cleaner by Dr. Wack – exemplary Internet price: 11 Euro

Fifth place – good: Meguiar’s upholstery cleaner ME G9416 from Meguiar’s – exemplary Internet price: 12 Euro

Sixth place – good: 2000 by Wetelin – exemplary Internet price: 29 Euro

Seventh place – good: XTREME Alcantara cleaner from SONAX – exemplary Internet price: 10 Euro

Eighth place – good: Foam cleaner 31735L by ArmorAll – exemplary Internet price: 7 Euro

Ninth place – good: 45IR from Glart – exemplary Internet price: 12 Euro

Tenth place – good: Upholstery cleaner from Urban Forest – exemplary Internet price: 14 Euro

The grade distribution of the upholstery cleaner manufacturers shows that the products are exclusively 4 upholstery cleaners with the grade “very good” and 14 upholstery cleaners with the grade “good”.

How many upholstery cleaners from different manufacturers were included by the editors in the upholstery cleaner comparison?

In comparison, we present upholstery cleaners from 15 different producers so that you can choose the best for you from the 18 products.

How much money must be invested in at least one upholstery cleaner to get a very good product?

The most expensive product in the upholstery cleaner comparison costs 29.85 euros. However, you can already buy good upholstery cleaners for an average of 12.70 euros.

Which upholstery cleaner was most often rated by buyers?

So far, a large number of customers have already commented on the product after the purchase, the Oxi Action Multi textile cleaner 3027195 from Vanish received a total of 7741 reviews.

Are there models in the upholstery cleaner comparison that have been awarded “VERY GOOD” by the editors?

4 of the 18 upholstery cleaners were awarded the grade “VERY GOOD”: Special Upholstery Cleaner by BIOHY, Pol Star by Koch Chemie, XTREME AutoInnenReiniger 221241 by SONAX, and Oxi Action Multi Textile Cleaner 3027195 by Vanish

What other items were customers who bought an upholstery cleaner looking for?

Our research has shown that cheap electric stakeboards buyers who have placed an upholstery cleaner in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as upholstery cleaner sofa, Sonax upholstery cleaner, and Koch Chemie Pol Star.


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