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‘Breadcrumbing’- A success strategy by Eric Ranks | An award-winning and best-selling author

Motivational and self-help books are aplenty on the market. The digital era has made it easier for anyone to become an author since you can self-publish on major platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Nonetheless, most books are rarely successful since the people writing them lack the life experience to help and motivate others. However, that isn’t the case for Eric Ranks, whose accomplishments speak louder than words.  

Growing up on a military base in Ohio – the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – he became accustomed to moving from base to base. That is because his father served as a clinical and neuropsychologist in the Air Force, a profession he has continued since then. His experiences helped him meet new people and learn more about them, sparking discoveries. He learned to love and accept everyone, regardless of their unique backgrounds. 

Today, Eric is a highly successful motivational public speaker. Apart from that, he has co-authored ‘Boundless Success with Eric Ranks’ and contributed to an international best-selling book called ‘The Art of Connection.’ His experiences have helped him learn more about the publishing world, and he feels privileged enough to share some words of wisdom with other upcoming authors.

Breadcrumbing is a success strategy that Eric swears by because he believes it’s incredibly effective, especially in the digital age. Elaborating further, he states, “I advocate for ‘breadcrumbing’, a strategy that involves gradually releasing intriguing snippets about your book over time. This technique stokes curiosity, building an eager audience ready to purchase your book upon its launch. Capitalizing on pre-release sales is another powerful strategy to drive your book up the bestseller lists.”

Drawing from his own experiences, he has other sagacious advice for upcoming authors looking to release their books to significant fanfare. He reveals, “From my journey in crafting inspirational and motivational books, here’s what I’ve found to be helpful when aiming for bestseller status. When self-publishing on platforms like Amazon, the choice of keywords and categories are of paramount importance for visibility and reach.”

Eric Ranks was also highly cognizant of social media platforms’ impact on a book’s success. Many books have been propelled up the bestseller lists because of TikTok. The platform has an emerging niche called ‘BookTok,’ where influencers review books and refer them to their readers. This dynamic personality believes utilizing such communities is crucial for new authors looking to make an impact with their books. Therefore, he recommends that aspiring writers broaden their exposure by actively participating in communities like Facebook and Reddit. “Of course, don’t forget the potential of social media and podcasts for promotion. By integrating these methods, you can maximize your book’s reach and potential for success,” he stresses. 

In addition to being a best-selling author, Eric Ranks is also a serial entrepreneur. He founded NuVero Inc. in 2006, which has many subsidiaries operating under it, including GATA Travel and Forex Trading. Moreover, he founded The Veterans Connection™ and 22 Salute™ Spirits & Coffee. The former is a non-profit organization founded in 2012, which initially focused on helping veterans access their entitled benefits. However, he was disheartened by the complexities of the process, often leading veterans to give up before receiving the support they deserved. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened Eric’s awareness of the rising suicide rates among veterans and first responders, so he refocused The Veterans Connection™ on mental health and suicide prevention for these groups.

Meanwhile, 22 Salute™ Spirits & Coffee is a social enterprise that supports veterans and first responders and offers a variety of coffee selections, including a few South Texas Mesquite Smoked coffees roasted by a Navy Veteran in Texas, along with some highly premium, high altitude coffee blends and single origin varieties. The company’s Veteran-made Spirits come from a distillery in Maryland that is woman and Navy Veteran owned and was rated as the 7th best distillery in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure magazine in 2021. 22 Salute™ Spirits & Coffee supports veterans and first responders nationwide by donating a percentage of proceeds to The Veterans Connection™. The company has also recently launched its new fig-vanilla bourbon, which is now available for pre-order. 

You can learn more about Eric Ranks and his business ventures and purchase a copy of his book ‘Boundless Success with Eric Ranks’ by checking out his website,



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