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What Is Brand Trust And How To Apply It In Social Media

The development of new technologies and digital communication channels has caused a fact that has cost us to assimilate into the business world. The consumer is the one who has the power today. And it is that the current consumer no longer only recommends a brand by word of mouth as he has always done, but also gives his opinion about it through social networks, blogs, and other online channels. And definitely, this has made companies and online businesses get their act together in everything that has to do with “brand trust.”

“Trust between the brand and the consumer depends on a fine thread that often ends up breaking. So that this does not happen, there is no other option but to work on the trust of the clients.”

Nobody said it was easy. Therefore, one of your challenges will be to work on improving the relationship with your client. So you will have to transmit trust with your brand. So your client feels safe. The same thing happens with personal relationships.

To learn how to develop this trust process well, we are going to talk in this post about the concept of “brand trust”.

What is Brand Trust, and why put it into practice?

When your customers fully trust you, they are much more likely to buy your products or hire your services. That is why working on brand trust has become so essential for companies and their growth.

It is vitally important to develop branding campaigns that strengthen our reputation. And it increases the trust of the brand by consumers (we will see how later).

“When there is a solid relationship of trust, everything flows better.”

It is clear that trust is not built overnight because you need:

  • Create a consistent message.
  • Understand the target audience.
  • Always deliver what was promised.

Definition of Brand Trust

Trust is defined as an intangible element of success for a brand. It is difficult to build and maintain a solid brand that is emotionally linked to your audience. But it is certainly something that, if achieved, will allow you to grow exponentially.

“Confidence in the personal field is a fundamental value to relate to people. And in the world of brands, it works the same way.”

And it is that consumer confidence is nothing other than their favorable opinion towards a brand, that which will be able to act in the appropriate way, being consistent with its values. It is a kind of bet that the consumer makes in order to create an emotional bond and feel safe when interacting.

“Brand Trust consists of the consumer’s expectation that a brand’s product or service, or even its corporate behavior, will deliver on what it has promised from minute 1.”

Said like this, you will understand that this emotional connection between consumer and brand is solidified through the values that the consumer perceives about it and, without a doubt, becomes a differentiating element.

How to apply Brand Trust in your Social Media Strategy

The only way to implement brand trust in your business is by taking into account some marketing strategies and thus reaching your desired goals.

I will gather below the ones that are most important to me to create that full trust with your client:

Have a presence on social media

This is one of the most important online channels to gain the trust of your customers. Although it is not the only one. Blog or email marketing have become other essential channels.

However, before starting, we must take into account several aspects of managing your social networks:

Select the social networks where you will have a presence

By being in all of them, you will not be better. You must think about your type of business and where your audience is.

Have a strategic plan maintained over time

Be constant, plan the content per week, measure the impact it is having and, of course, adapt each action to your goals.

Define the content and its focus well

Always think about your objective and what your target audience is. In this way, it will be easier for you to guide your content on the path to success.

Some of the social media actions that are currently proving to be more powerful and that will help you achieve your goals are:

  • Competitions.
  • Live stories and videos.
  • Value content promoted on social networks.

Note: Video is one of the most important content formats on social networks. You can use FlexClip to create short but professional videos for your brands.

Start a corporate blog

A blog will help you attract new customers and retain those you had. Do you see now how important having a blog can be?

It is important that you take into account when creating a blog to have a well-defined content strategy:

  • What topic are you going to talk about in your blog?
  • How are you going to offer value to your readers?
  • What need are you going to satisfy?

Then, you must do a keyword study in your niche to get positioned in the search engines. Only in this way will you differentiate yourself from others, and you will rise in the Google ranking.

Develop an email marketing strategy

If you want to prevent your subscribers from sending your newsletter to the spam box, you must take into account factors such as these:

Get to know your audience well:

Get to know their real tastes and needs so that they end up reading the email and clicking on it.

Use an attractive design:  

The font must be legible, it must adapt to all screens of all devices, and the message and the subject must be attractive. Here it is important that you take into account some copywriting techniques.

Send with a standard frequency:  

Do not overwhelm your subscribers with emails every day, or you will tire them.

Include highly visible calls to action:  

Any functional marketing campaign has a goal, whether it’s getting a sale, getting visitors to your landing page, or whatever.

To achieve these goals, you will need to tell your readers what you want them to do when they read your email. Do you want them to click on a discount coupon? oOr do you want them to go to your page to show them your new products? Be clear and add prominent calls to action.


As you can see, generating trust in your brand is a long way. As there are always actions that you can implement in your strategy to enhance it. However, any mistake (no matter how small) could destroy all that trust in a matter of minutes.

In any case, perfection does not exist. So my recommendation is that you detect errors, always be transparent with your audience. And, if it does, apologize publicly.

Did you know the concept of brand trust? What are the factors that transmit the most confidence in a brand?


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