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Best window treatments for summers.

Summer is probably one of the seasons on earth that is quite common in most regions. In some regions, it is at its peak for a very long period that’s why the people of that particular region need some proper resources to cope with it.

In this regard, our pure recommendation is to have a nice summer-oriented window treatment like custom made window blind that is highly capable to keep the heat out of the house and also be a source of class and glamour for the interior as well as for the exterior.

So here we sorted a list that is been made after proper analysis so you don’t have to mess around with these things.

Cellular Shades

They are purely the best in the business. They are entirely made only because of these scenarios. They are very energy-efficient as well as also very good at insulation.

The reason here is that they have air pockets like cells made from some kind of very good material and these air pockets are entirely everywhere on their surface.

These air pockets are like barriers between inside and outside, making it real hard for heat and cold to pass through them, and also there is an option of double cell cellular shades which is surely a plus version of these shades.

By choosing double cell cellular shades you are surely going to make it impossible for the heat from outside to enter your home. Also, there is a variety of colors and styles to choose the right match for your interior. They have also an option of custom manufacturing too.

Solar Blinds

In the overall family of window blinds, they are the best in keeping heat from outside to stay outside. They are specially designed and thickly woven enough to make it quite impossible for sunlight to enter through your window.

They are great in energy efficiency as they are very good at reflecting sunlight and also some of their manufacturers claim that they can also prevent ultra violet UV rays which is very harmful to a human being as well as to furniture inside the house.

So they are surely a great deal if you are a fan of window blind treatments. They are highly customizable with a huge range of colors, patterns, and styles.

Multi-layered Options.

These can be great options if the layered combination is good. If the layered combination is not that good then you are most likely compromising the entire interior to prevent yourself from heat and surely you are doing the right thing doing so.

But if there are solutions that don’t let you compromise your interior design?

Yes, there are many. So I highly recommend you hire a professional to find the right combination for multi-layering. And you can also go like that to have a window treatment you love over a heat-preventing window treatment that is surely going to keep the heat outside.

Plantation Shutters

When they are custom made and installed professionally they are seriously good at energy efficiency. Keep in mind that they have to be professionally installed to be energy efficient.

They are hard window treatments as they are mostly made from wood but sometimes from vinyl. Both are great. Make them a very durable window treatment that can last long.

Make sure to have shutters with very small gaps and good quality because many things depend on these things alone.

They come in many colors and styles, also it is recommended to have custom window treatment concerning plantation shutter.

Double-layered Shades

This is quite a multi-purpose window treatment backed with class and beauty. The main feature of these shades is that they have a double layering of high-quality fabric one of them is highly reflective while the other one is just to enhance overall energy efficiency.

They are most likely to be very rare in the local markets and only to be had by a custom window treatments manufacturer.

Note that they are good in both energy efficiency and insulation depending upon the fact that the reflective layer faces outside or inside, if outside then it is good for summers as it keeps heat away, if inside then good for winters for keeping the heat to stay inside.

Drapes and Curtains

They are the traditional window treatments, mankind using for centuries no matter what is the region. They are best in energy efficiency as well as good insulators. They are one of the thickest window treatments on the market, in case you don’t like curtains and drapes consider custom made window blinds, here you have an option to request to made window blinds with thick fabric.

They are good at keeping the heat outside but when they are coated with transparent plastic facing outside they become even more good in that. As they cover the entire window very easily.

As they are the traditional ones, they will finely fit in any picture. They have many colors and styles available in the market but it is recommended to go for custom treatments to find a better match easily for your interior.

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