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Best Constant Contact Background Image Size for Upload

The process of uploading a picture is very easy. But this can also be challenging for people who don’t know what the right requirements are. Constant contact background image size let you achieve all these requirements. 

Before uploading pictures to your Library, make sure they have the right dimensions, width, resolution, and file size. You can meet all image requirements by using constant contact background image size information. 

The upload process prevents errors and maintains image quality. The information and general recommendations below can help you understand why your image isn’t showing properly.

Image size

This factor is one integral part of constant contact background image size. When you refer to the image size, you are referring to the height and width of your image. 

The height of any image that is over 1200 pixels wide will be reduced proportionally by Constant Contact. As a result, the image may appear grainy, fuzzy, or blurry. When height exceeds the width, an image will be compressed to 1800 pixels. 

You should use images that are at least 600-650 pixels wide if you want your email image to fill the entire width of the email on a desktop. In case any text is smaller than the email width, it could appear blurry. 

Using their newer editors, however, your images won’t stretch your email! Use an image that’s at least 480 pixels wide if you want an image to span the width of an email. The density of the blocks usually varies depending on the height of the image. 

However, large images may cause the client to scroll, and other clients may crop large images such as Outlook.


An image’s resolution is determined by its number of pixels. You can set the resolution of an image when you edit it. It is recommended that you keep original design files at 72PPI (pixels per inch) whenever possible. 

When you upload an image to Constant Contact’s Library, this will minimize image compression. 

Pixels are used for web images, whereas dots per inch (DPI) is used for print media. Certain desktop clients can cause image distortion due to your computer’s DPI settings. 

File size 

It should be noted that “Image Size” refers to the height and width of the image, while “File Size” refers to how much space your image will take up on the disk. The size of your image will be affected by factors like image size and compression. 

A file larger than 5MB will not be allowed to be uploaded to Constant Contact. These steps will help you reduce the size of your file if it is too large: 

  • The image’s file size is less than 5MB if it’s saved as “Save for Web & Devices” or “Optimized” in your image editor. 
  • When you save the final image, you should flatten any layers. You will save space this way. 

It may also take longer for readers to view larger images in their inboxes. Make sure your images are under 1MB each if you are having problems.

File type 

The term “File Type” refers to a specific kind of file that can be accessed. When it comes to saving images, there are certain kinds of files that look better than others. There are a number of file types that work best with different types of images, as described below: 


  • All types of images work best with this type of file. Here is a quick list of the things that the PNG file type has to offer. 
  • No matter what you do, you will always get exceptional quality. 
  • Committed to full transparency at all times 
  • Make it ideal for texting 
  • Removes some of the distortions caused by other file types 
  • Does not attempt to compress them during uploading 


  • Here are some advantages 
  • Distorts images to reduce the file size 
  • Text won’t be readable due to these types of files 
  • Do not support transparency at all. 
  • All uploaded files will be compressed

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