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Benefits of Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painter Services can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home or business. They can paint the entire exterior of a home or business, or just specific areas, like the fascia and window trim. Depending on the needs of your business, exterior painting can also include other work such as window trim, gutters, and siding. You can learn more about the benefits of Exterior painting services is a great idea to help maintain the look of your property and save you a considerable amount on energy costs and lessen the load on your HVAC during the hot summer and cold winter months.. exterior painting can also include other work such as window trim, gutters, and siding. Good Neighbor Painting of Medford specializes in exterior painting services. Our company provides painting for both commercial and residential customers. We use high quality products and materials.

Preparation is the most important aspect of exterior painting

When it comes to exterior painting services in Medford NJ, preparation is the most crucial element. Depending on the exterior surface, preparation may include sanding and scraping. If the home is older, preparation may include lead-based paint removal. If this is the case, you should consult with your painting contractor to determine the appropriate precautions. When working with older homes, safety is paramount. You may also want to consider an exterior painter who has experience with working around lead-based paint.

When it comes to exterior paint preparation, much of the work is done prior to the actual painting process. If you have previously painted your home, you’ll have to scrape off loose paint and sand the edges flush. Skipping this step may result in large “divot” areas. However, proper prep will make the overall look of your home more beautiful and resilient. To avoid this problem, preparing your surface with the right kind of paint will increase the lifespan of your exterior paint job.

Quality of paint

When hiring exterior painting services in Medford NJ, quality of paint is essential. Paint should be made from a quality material to maximize the life of the paint job. Quality paints are harder to chip off and will last longer. In addition, a quality paint job will boost your curb appeal for years to come. Ask your painting contractor what type of paint he or she uses and what brand names they use. A contractor should not require payment upfront.

Typically, exterior painter price a job by the square footage and include flat fees for permits and overhead. They will also supply their own paint because they have access to contractor discounts and usually purchase in bulk, which results in higher quality paint. Make sure to ask your painting contractor about the type of paint they use, because the quality of paint used to paint a home will vary. Professional painters know which type of paint is best for your home’s exterior and can recommend high quality products to match the color scheme.

Cost of exterior painting

The most common question homeowners ask is, “How much do exterior painting services cost?” Several factors contribute to the final price. First, materials are a major part of the overall project. A gallon of latex paint, for example, can cost from $15 to $60, while oil primer costs around $30 to $50. Lastly, paint costs vary, depending on material quality. For example, the average 18-by-20-foot garage can run $300 to $600. If you’re only interested in painting the exterior walls, you can pick up the paint yourself.

The higher the building, the higher the cost of exterior painting services. Taller homes require more equipment to reach high-rise areas and require more time for set-up and clean-up. A one or two-story home is usually between $1,500 and $3,600. A three or four-story home can run anywhere from $2,500 to $7,500, or even $10,000. But that doesn’t mean the price of exterior painting is always higher.

Color consulting

One benefit of hiring color consulting services for your exterior painting project is that they can help you select the right colors for your home. Many colors affect the mood of the occupants of the home. Having a color consultant come to your home is a smart idea to ensure that you choose a color that will complement the mood of those living in the space as well as the surrounding environment. In-home consultations are also beneficial for those who want to update the color scheme of their entire house but aren’t sure what to choose.

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Hiring a color consultant will save you both time and money. They can help you narrow down your choices based on the overall aesthetic of your home. Using a color consultant will also ensure that your home looks cohesive. A color consultant will also guide you in the selection of accent colors, so you won’t end up with a jumble of colors. In addition, Exterior Painting Services Medford NJ can help you decide whether or not to use different color shades for various parts of your home.


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