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Azerbaijan is a famous tourist spot for people from all around the globe. The reason is that Azerbaijan has a blend of both old and modern traditions and cultures. The people, places and even the climate of Azerbaijan is quite interesting which is why tourists from all around the world, especially the UK are applying for the Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens. If you are a UK citizen then you can apply directly from the embassy or you can also avail the visa to Azerbaijan online facility for tourists and businessmen.

Azerbaijan visa is important to get if you want to enter the country. There is no way you can travel to Azerbaijan without any Azeri visa. Most people from the UK ask do I need a visa to Azerbaijan; well the simple answer to this question is YES you need a visa just like other countries of the European Union. There are different kinds of Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens that you can apply for today. Here in this post we are going to highlight the requirements.

What are the requirements to get the Azeri visa?

Here in this section we have discussed the common visa requirements that you need to complete if you want to get visa to Azerbaijan via the traditional method.

  1. The first requirement you need to keep in mind is the passport. You must know that Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens can only be obtained if you have a valid passport. Your passport should be at least valid for 180 days from the time you plan to travel to Azerbaijan. Other than this you need to ensure that the passport has at least two blank pages.
  2. You also need to get the visa application form and fill it with accurate information. You need to make sure that all the information you add in the visa application form is accurate and has no mistakes in it. In the visa application form you need to mention the purpose of your visitation. Say if you want to get a tourist visa to Azerbaijan then you need to mention tourism as the purpose of visit.
  3. Other than this you also need to submit your financial statement with the visa application form. This is important as it shows proof that you can sustain your trip.
  4. You also need to attach flight and hotel bookings with the application form to get the Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens.

These are the requirements to get the visa from the embassy. Do you need a visa to go to Azerbaijan for a few days are a commonly asked question! Well the answer is yes, you need an Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens even if you want to travel to Azerbaijan for one day. However in cases like these we would suggest you to get the online visa. You need to apply online, pay the visa fee, provide your email address and get the visa in less than two days. This is a quick and easy way to get Azerbaijani visa.


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