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Avoid these 10 common rental car mistakes

Renting a car in a distant city can open up your trip to so many unique and amazing possibilities!  Every traveler wants to rent an affordable car rental at Queenstown airport.

From day travels to long road trips, you will get to see a different part of the country than the average visitor. 

Yet, there are some things to think about when renting a car before you drive off into the sunset.

If you have ever been shocked at your unexpectedly high rental car bill, then you may have fallen victim to some of the most common and typical mistakes and blunders people make when renting a car. 

This study concerns the 10 most typical mistakes people make when renting a car. 

1. Booking your car through an Online Travel Agency (OTA)

Of course, booking with a third-party site comes at its own cost. 

Booking directly with the rental car company permits you to earn points or credits and save the hassle of having to go via an Online Travel Agency (OTA) if you need to change your reservation. 

Booking directly with the rental car company can also help you avoid some of the aforesaid late return charges. 

For example, If you have The Platinum Card from American Express, and book directly via Hertz, you can earn a four-hour grace period. 

That is usually enough extra time to keep you from having to pay for a full extra day, which could sum up to significant savings.

2. Buying an Extra Car Insurance

Before renting a car, you should make sure that you are not already wrapped by rental insurance. 

There are a few sites to review like your auto insurance policy and your credit card benefits. 

Some auto insurance approaches cover rental cars, while quite a few credit cards deliver car rental insurance. 

For credit cards, you have to reserve and pay with the card that supplies the range and it has to match the name of the driver.

Car rental agencies will offer you to buy extra insurance, so reach the place knowing if you are already covered (and what is covered). 

Sometimes it does make sense to buy insurance from the rental agency, but usually, it is a car rental mistake to bear insurance twice.

Most drivers under the age of 25 will have to buy additional car rental insurance, so ensure that additional points if your auto insurance or credit cards claim to cover car rental insurance.

3. Going over the miles per day limit

Many rental car agencies or companies offer “unlimited miles,” but this comes with many conditions that are essential to understand. 

Most notably, the infinite miles offered normally only applies to a certain area so don’t drive outside the selected area. 

For instance, if you rent a car in Miami, then you may have limitless miles for the Miami area only, and you may be additionally charged if you leave the city. 

Other rental car companies may simply have a severe mileage limit, and it can become expensive to surpass the limit. 

4. Not settling the Highway Tolls yourself

There is no such thing as a free toll charge, mainly when it comes to your rental car agency or company. 

Ever driven via a “cashless” toll in a rental car without your own EZ Pass or another transponder to bear for the toll and wondered how the toll fee would be paid?

Rental car agencies and companies often demand hefty rates to cover the fee of highway tolls. 

Many drivers that are clueless about the toll charges are surprised when they receive the bill from the rental car provider. 

To bypass these hefty payments, pay tolls yourself or avoid them completely.

5. Not Deleting your Bluetooth History

If at any point during your journey, you had linked your cell phone to the car’s Bluetooth system, you need to make sure that you have deleted it before returning the rental car. 

Even if you just used it to listen to your favorite music during your travel, all of your data is still linked with the car unless you delete the memory of the rental car. 

It is a big car rental mistake or you can also say a big blunder to give the next person access to any of your details.

6. Not returning the rental car during the grace period

Depending on the car rental agency’s terms and conditions, returning a rental car late might result in a more costly bill and a massive car rental mistake. 

Some places are more adaptable with drop-offs, but many have very strict deadlines. It is possible that reaching 20 minutes late will result in expenses for a whole extra rental day. 

You should always return the rental car on time, but you should be aware of the car rental agency’s policy for late returns, just in case.

7. Dropping off the car at different locations

It may seem more suitable and convenient, but dropping off at a different place than where you picked up your rental car can come with increased prices. 

In some circumstances, you can end up paying more than three times what the cost would otherwise be if you dropped off your rental car at the same place. 

Therefore, drop off at the same place from where you had picked up the car whenever possible. 

8. Not satisfactorily evaluating the car before exiting the lot

Not inspecting the car before you exit the lot is one of the most common mistakes made when renting a car. 

This is usually due to being in a rush and simply wanting to hold the keys and get on the road. However, if there are any problems with the car before you leave that are not noted, then you may be held liable. 

Therefore, it is encouraged to review the following before you exit the rental car lot:

  • Assure the car has a full tank of gas
  • Check the car’s body for any damage
  • Make sure the headlights and taillights function properly
  • Confirm the tires are properly raised

If there are any issues, then inform the rental car company before you leave. Be sure to also take photos. 

If you are paying for extra elements (i.e. all-wheel drive), then you can look up the car’s VIN to confirm you have the extra features you paid for. 

9. Returning the rental car with an empty gas tank

Most rental car agencies and companies need drivers to return the rental car with a full tank of gas. 

The issue with this is that they do not buy cheap gas; they instead will charge you far more than you would bear if you filled the rental car up yourself before returning. 

Another useful piece of advice is to only fill up the gas tank right before you return the rental car. 

10. Not taking benefit of bonus points and discounts

Reward or bonus points are a great way to save money if you often travel and rent cars. Be sure to find some great discount options that let you save money sometimes when renting a car. Try to get the best deals from Queenstown airport car rental.

Winding Up!!!

These are some common and typical mistakes that travelers make. So try not to make these blunders before renting out the car for your travel. 

By Taking some precautions you can easily avoid making these mistakes. When it comes to renting a car do not take decisions in a hurry and read guidelines of the car rental agency properly. 

Take your time and then fix your deal with the car rental company. Try to get the best discounts on your deal so that it doesn’t affect your pocket too much. 

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