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An Overview About Alkaline Water

Health experts are of the view that proper PH balance of the water is essential in order to make ourselves fit and strong. In fact, the PH balance of water is really of importance as a lot of people are suffering from issues of acidity of late. Before we get to the details of what acidic and alkaline nature of water is, we need to figure out what PH value is. In simple terms it stands for hydrogen and concentration of ion. To put it PH value of 7 is considered to be neutral, anything less that is acidic and more that is alkaline. If the solution is 1 it means acidic and even when it is 14 it would be alkaline. The normal tap water that makes its way on to our home has a PH value of 7 which is a neutral PH value.

More about alkaline water

When the PH level of water is more than 7 it is termed as alkaline water. Experts are of the opinion that this water is good for people who have severe acidity issues as it helps to neutralize the excess acid in the body. This does go on to prevent various diseases that arise due to high acid influx in the body in the form of heart or digestion related issues. Even lack of immunity can arise.

There are numerous benefits associated with alkaline water and even a host of ways by which you can make such water.

Health benefits associated with alkaline water

Still a lot of confusion exists on whether there any exists any benefit associated with alkaline water. Experts are of the opinion that still a lot of confusion exists about the health benefits of alkaline water. But still there are some studies which showcase that alkaline water has been beneficial in some conditions.

By now you would make the water alkaline. Before we get to the process it is important to understand the PH level of water or even alkaline water. It is suggested that you note down the PH value of water before you make it alkaline as this is going to suggest how much improvement PH value has made.

The PH value of water can be tested at home with the help of litmus paper, as you just need to dip the value once you dip it into the solution. Once alkalization has occurred PH value of water has to be either 8 or 9.

The PH can be easily purchased online. There are available in PH colour chart and PH strips. The colour level chart of PH is an indicator of the PH levels.

How you can undertake the process of making alkaline water at your home

Suppose if you are drinking water with a low PH value and facing issues related to acidity first of all have a consultation with a qualified doctor to figure out whether there is any need for alkaline water. A host of ways are there by which you can make the water alkaline or even to increase the PH value of water. This can be achieved with the aid of special alkaline filters that does change the level of PH. Consider the following ways by which you can make the water alkaline.

Resorting to the use of baking soda

Baking soda possesses a high alkaline content that is around 9 as the moment you mix it with water it enhances the alkaline content. Just to 4 litres of water you need to add about half a teaspoon of baking soda and wait till the point it dissolves completely. Then drink this alkaline water.


The natural form of lemon is acidic with a PH value of 2 but the moment you add it with water and on consumption and metabolizing it becomes alkaline with a PH value of above 7. For this reason you might have heard that you need to drink a glass of lemon water in the morning.

Ideally you need to be filling around 2 litres of water in a jug. One lemon needs to be cut and the pieces have to pour in water, though you should not be squeezing them. The jug has to be covered and should be allowed to sit at 8 to 12 overnight temperature.

Incorporating PH drops

A bottle of PH drops can be purchased online or from the nearest store in your area. Even most of the top-quality water treatment filters suggest the use of PH drops. You need to follow the instructions on what is the amount of PH drops you need to be adding to water as this does go on to increase the alkalinity of water.

Even to your water purifier you can go on to add an alkaline water purifier. Suppose if you are using a RO water purifier at your home and the PH value of water is less than 7 an alkaline filter can be added so as to increase the PH value .After the method of purification this filter needs to be added just before you are going to fill water in a storage tank.

Side effects of alkaline water

Though alkaline water is safe, but there does exist some potential side effects of the water. The side effect would mean a runny nose or soft and hard stools. The nature of side effects does have a positive impact on your body in terms of detoxification.

All the side effects are expected to fade away on its own once you make a switch to alkaline water, and this could take somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks.

Would you consider alkaline water to be safe?

The alkaline water that has a PH value of 8 or 9 is rated to be safe. There are no second thoughts about the safety of alkaline water, though experts are of a different opinion when it comes to the benefits of alkaline water. The reason being of late there is not much of an evidence to showcase the positive effects of alkaline water.


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