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Acne or pimples, Novomed treats it all!

Suffering from acne all my life was a real struggle. Since adolescence, I noticed that I had a lot of acne compared to other kids of my age. I felt so embarrassed with all these red small pimples on my face. As I wanted to get rid of them, I started to pick every pimple I have on my face. My mom once saw me and she told me to avoid picking them because they will leave scars. But I didn’t listen to her until one day I noticed that some of them really didn’t fade away, and I got some small scars on my face.

I was upset and sad at the same time, so I had to deal with acne for all my teenage years. I thought that by reaching 18, my acne will stop, so I can relax. But hey, it was only a dream. The acne issue persisted all through my university years, which affected a lot of my social life, as I tried to avoid any contact with other students to prevent them from noticing my acne. I had to wear a lot of makeup to hide the acne, but it kept being visible to others.

I didn’t know what to do until I saw an article in a pharmaceutical magazine that mom always brings from the pharmacy near our house. A dermatologist wrote this article and he was talking about the treatments available for acne. I read it and I was very impressed and decided to consult the dermatologist who wrote the article.

I searched for him on the internet and found that he works at Novomed in Dubai, so I called them and booked an appointment for a consultation with him.

During the consultation, the dermatologist asked me about my problem, and I told him about my acne, and that some of them left some scars on my face. So he checked my face and pimples and asked me to do some medical tests so he can diagnose the case better. I did the exams and get back to him with the results, and he told me that my skin type is prone to acne, which is why I will keep having acne. But he assured me that with the commitment to the acne treatment, I will not have to deal with acne later on.

I was happy to hear that, and the doctor prescribed me some medications to reduce skin secretion and some anti-inflammatory medications. And regarding the scars, he told me that scars can be treated with peelings, such as carbon peeling or chemical peeling. And in case the scars were deep, laser therapy would be the best solution to treat them.

I did the 2 sessions for a chemical peel and laser treatment, and got back my even and healthy skin. I am very grateful for Novomed, and also would love to recommend it for everyone who is looking for an experienced Dermatologist in Dubai!


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