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A Beginners’ Guide to The Best Off-Road Wheels & Tires (Updated for 2023)

It seems like the number of diehard off-roading enthusiasts seems to be rising every passing year, doesn’t it?

The trend of going off the paved and peaceful suburban roads that are the backbone of the United States and entering wildly unpredictable terrains is a rush of adrenaline more and more people are looking for.

Car manufacturers aren’t too behind either. The Titans of the world’s automobile manufacturers are coming up with pickup vans, full-and-mid-sized SUVs, and even ATVs which are a totally new ballgame.

While it is true that newcomers in this adventure-filled lifestyle are often found with the best vehicles, selecting that perfect set of off road wheels remains a source of confusion.

Some of the questions people ask Google include:

  • Do I require specialized rims for off-roading?
  • Which is the number one brand of tires for off-road adventures?
  • How do I know if my favorite set of Fuel Wheels will help in better off-roading?
  • What’s all this talk about 4×4 and AWD vehicles?

Clearly, these are pretty fundamental queries and show inexperience. 

This guide to off-road wheels and tires will highlight some of the most critical points you must keep in mind if you’re new to the off-roading subculture.

Off-road rims: What you need to look out for

Even if you have one of the most powerful vehicles available for going off the beaten track, you will have a very miserable time if you don’t have a set of high-quality and dependable off-road rims.

We recommend that you adhere to the following points.

  1. Quality assurance: While this is often overlooked, any wheel that’s about to experience the unpaved and dangerous terrains of the United States must comply with the VIA standards or equivalent ones including SAE and also the AS1638 certifications.

These standards are country-specific, but they all emphasize the wheel’s quality and durability. 

  1. Brands matter: You would be very wise to purchase a set of high-quality Fuel Wheels for off-roading than trying to save money buying unbranded rims. The markets are flooded with unbranded wheels that will never deliver the performance you were expecting out of them. Worse, they might crumble and you might be involved in a serious accident.

Opting for branded rims is always a great idea. These rims will have quality control, better manufacturing materials, and superior engineering. 

  1. Choose alloy wheels over steel: Modern alloy rims are as durable as the steel wheels which used to rule the roost even a few decades ago. Aluminum alloys are used most frequently since they are lighter but provide the same levels of durability which steel rims do. 

Furthermore, high-grade aluminum (6061-T6 alloy hardened with silicon and a small amount of magnesium) is just one example of the type of avionics-grade raw material that’s used in manufacturing off-road wheels.

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Wheel sizes and load ratings matter too. For the best results, contact your trusted retailer. We generally visit AudioCity USA on Telegraph Road in Santa Fe Springs, CA. But that’s just us!

A few models to consider include:

  1. Black Rhino Rockwell
  2. American Racing ATX Ledge
  3. Moto Metal M0951
  4. Fuel Wheels Rebel D679
  5. Anthem Equalizer series

Pro tip: It’s best to go for wheels with diameters between 16 and 20-inches.

Off-road tires: an overview

Like rims, you need to pay attention to your tires too. Have a look at some of the criteria they must meet.

  1. A solid sidewall: Out in the wilderness, your tires will be subjected to intense pressures. The rubber should be solid enough to withstand that. The tread pattern must be very strong with the blocks between them capable enough to forge ahead even if the trails are super challenging!
  2. Brands yet again: Branded off-road tires are peerless! If you are purchasing tires from cookie-cutter companies, please stop doing that!
  3. Go for Mud-Terrain (M/T) tires: You must be aware that there are several types of tires available for purchase. All-Terrain, Highway-Terrain, and Light-Truck (A/T, H/T, and L/T tires respectively) are all built with specific terrains in mind. Of these, the Mud-Terrain tires should be a natural option given that they can take on almost anything you can throw at them!
  4. Ensure the correct sizes: Oversizing is well and good, but it is best to avoid enormously big tires for your vehicle. They will gulp down humongous amounts of fuel, might damage the expensive aftermarket rims you are using, and will probably have a negative impact on the navigability aspect too.

Here are a few models for you to research!

  1. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R (reinforced with Kevlar®)
  2. Cooper Discoverer STT 
  3. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2
  4. Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

Pro tip: Check the ‘TCC’ of your preferred tires. It stands for ‘tread’ pattern, the quality of the rubber ‘carcass’, and the composition of the ‘compound’ which is used in the manufacturing process. 


When in doubt, always procure branded off-road wheels and tires. Without exception. While you can purchase them online too, it’s best to have a look up close and in person.

You’ll find the process becomes easier with time!

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