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9 Worst Cleaning Hacks of All Times that You Should Avoid

We all get hooked to DIY cleaning videos or pretty much enjoy them. Well, the audio-visual experience is what makes most of it seemingly pleasant. But sometimes we are actually in search of cleaning hacks for a grimy shower or natural ways to clean garbage disposal. Right?

No matter why you love watching these videos, these cleaning hacks have a lot to do without everyday cleaning and house maintenance. It also makes our surroundings more pleasant as well as promotes our general well-being through general hygiene. But the internet is surely not the best place to find efficient cleaning practices. 

Yes, not everything you see on the internet is worth trying despite there being hundreds of cleaning hacks that can work well, a few of them must be avoided at all costs. Not only they don’t work well but can leave you with a bigger mess in place. So, make sure you are aware of the cleaning practices that you shouldn’t follow.

Wondering what these are? Go through the section below to find out about the hacks that do more harm than good.

Cleaning Hack You Should Never Try in Your Home

Here are some of the cleaning hacks that you should never try. 

  1. Using Vinegar for Everything

Using vinegar for cleaning purposes is more common than you think. Whether it’s about cleaning the faucet or garbage disposal cleaning, vinegar is our go-to option. However, vinegar is not for cleaning all the surfaces as it can cause damage.

Vinegar and baking soda is considered as a powerful cleaning duo but it’s not for everything. For instance, you should never use vinegar for cleaning iron surfaces or put it in the dishwasher. Other than this, vinegar is not a good cleaning agent for oil spills and shouldn’t be used for floors and countertops having granite or marble surfaces.

  1. Newspaper for Windows Cleaning

We often see people using newspapers for the cleaning of window surfaces. Due to the use of newspapers, many people think of it as a cost-effective way to clean the windows. But make sure you don’t use it as this is not a good idea. The newspaper ink can leave marks on the window glass and doesn’t provide the best cleaning results. So, use a soft cloth and use a window cleaning solution for the best results.

  1. Heating Sponge in Microwave

Have you seen videos on how you can use a microwave to clean a sponge? Well, heating a sponge in a microwave can indeed kill all the germs on it because of the high temperature of the microwave. However, you shouldn’t try this at home. Dish sponges are flammable material when they are kept dry. So, heating it in the microwave will cause a fire that will be difficult to control. 

  1. Bleaching All White Clothes

Bleaching is often considered as the greatest remedy for the spots on the clothes especially with the white cloths. But this cleaning hack might not always work. Bleaching your clothes might produce good results but not all white clothes should be bleached. Many white clothes have special instructions on bleaching them so make sure you go through the label carefully. The sign of do not bleach is clearly written on the label.

  1. Vinegar and Bleach Mixing

Convinced by the cleaning effects of vinegar and bleach? Well, many people think that adding both of these together will do wonders. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This is not a good cleaning duo as both of these chemicals are harsh in nature. Combining them both will result in a chemical reaction that produces chlorine gas as a result and can be very toxic to human health when inhaled. So, don’t do this because it can 

  1. Using Toothpaste to Clean Glasses

Another popular cleaning hack is to try toothpaste to clean the glasses that have been scratched. I am sure you have heard about this but make sure that you don’t try it. This is because toothpaste contains chemicals that can take off the protective layer on the glasses. The removal of this layer will make your glasses unable to filter the light rays 

  1. Coconut Oil for Furniture

There are many videos on using coconut oil for cleaning the stains on the furniture. This is another cleaning hack that you shouldn’t try because coconut still remains an oil. The use of coconut oil can leave permanent stains on the furniture that are not easy to remove. So, make sure not to use it for furniture cleaning but call some professional for help.

  1. Cleaning Carpets Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Next on the list of cleaning hacks is the use of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes. But don’t try this at home as the chemical only works on some of the fabrics and when used in a specific concentration. Using this in concentrated form for stain removal can be dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the floor carpets. You can go for professional cleaning services or can use a mild cleaning agent.

  1. Use Nail Polish to Remove Older Nail Polish Stain

Another common practice is to use nail paint if there are old nail paint stains on the tables or other surfaces. The reason behind this is that applying a new coat will affect the new coat making its removal easier. But this is not true as depending on the stained surface it might not work and can leave a bigger mess behind.

Bottom Line

There are many cleaning hacks on the internet that people read about and try. While many of these hacks work pretty well and produce good results there are some others that can cause irreversible damage.

So, before trying anything new do thorough research on its pros and cons and also search for other people’s experiences. Rather than going for the cleaning hacks, work on the regular maintenance of your appliances and space. Also, if you want the best results go for professional cleaning services.



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