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8 Best Turkish Series You Must Watch in 2022

Turkish TV series are thriving among the public’s strong appreciation across the globe. 2022 has been a sensational start for the Turkish Television industry. In today’s topic, we are going to introduce the best Turkish series like these that you can consider watching today.

So let’s begin.

Kara Sevda

You are looking at an extremely popular drama series that has won multiple awards on the international stage. Kara Sevda features 2 seasons, while there are no plans for another. The story depicts love troubles through social class distinctions.

Kemal Soydere belongs to a middle-class background and is leading the plot with Nihan Sezin. The series delineates social disparity between the leads, but they somehow get along at some point. So the story exhibits many sequences about love motives and troubles they face afterwards.

It is a story that carries the right blend of thrill and romance. So it is worth every second.

Fatmagul’un Suçu Ne?

This series came out in 2010, and it’s still quite popular with 2 seasons on the block. It features a complex plot that strives with the progression of the story. The story portrays a stunning and lively girl Fatmagul. She was engaged to her childhood friend named Mustafa.

Fatmagul’un Suçu Ne? brings the heart-wrenching tragedy of Fatmagul. She was raped by a group of four men who were fallen victim to drugs. This nightmare was realized and pursued by that same girl on a revenge note. The story intrigues its audience at every point with its captivating setting.

Dirilis: Ertugrul or Resurrection

Dirilis has become a global phenomenon with its global-scale audience. This show features 5 seasons with various episodes. The story revolves around the rise of Ertugrul Ghazi, who was a nomad warrior based in central Asia.

In addition, these series set the basic foundation of the Ottoman Empire. Ertugrul tribes faced a large body of troubles against Crusaders and Mongols. Besides, this immensely popular Turkish series depicts 13th-century Muslim Turk society with stress on culture.

The series features never-ending action and thrill sequences that will keep you right about the story.


Yesilcam is a Turkish series wrapped in a glamorous package of drama, comedy, rivalry and love with a bit of a touch of suspense. The director has beautifully managed to execute a script that portrays a golden era of Turkish cinema, where the main character Samih Ates, who is played by Çağatay Ulusoy, is seen as an ambitious producer. Who got betrayed by his partner and lost everything.

Later seen surviving and struggling to regain his status in the industry and win back the love of his life. The narrative of the story seems to be additive as the curiosity about Samih’s rivalry and love life keeps the suspense high. And undoubtedly, hats off to the production team for beautifully portraying each minute of the series as a golden art of cinematography.


Destan is also known as the Turkish game of thrones. Destan is a beautiful piece of production which portrays an 8th-century love story of a girl, Akkiz, who’s been orphaned by Alpagu Khan. Akkiz falls in love with Alpagu’s disabled son, Batuga. And the dramatic love story begins when Akkiz and Batuga aim to gain justice and take revenge.

In short, the Destan series is full of suspense and thrilling action. The characters are really strong and well portrayed and undoubtedly, the love story is phenomenally unique. The mixture of romance and thrilling action makes Destan a must-watch series.

Midnight at Pera Palace

Time travel stories are always interesting. “Midnight at Pera Palace” is a series that has adopted a unique style to tell the story of modern-day Turkey. Esra, A beautiful young journalist who’s looking for her next big story, decides to visit Pera Palace. She found herself back in 1919. Esra, stuck in the past, gets to meet Mr Halit, who played a crucial role in ensuring the first presidential election in Turkey.

Now, will Esra be able to keep the past the same to prevent the future from changing and will Mr Halit help her or not? It is exactly what people are curious to find out in this time travel and suspenseful series, which is pretty much liked on Netflix.

Sen Cal Kapimi

Experience a classic Turkish drama series with a fascinating storyline. The drama was aired in 2020 with two seasons out. You are likely to find some comic elements alongside romance. Besides, the story brings up Eda’s character, who manages to survive an early life ordeal.

She shapes her life from troubles at the university that made her strangle her very own passion. Later, the story takes exciting turns to improve the audience’s interest. It is a must-watch show for Turkish TV series lovers.


Hercai is one of the best Turkish series featuring romance, action and thriller. The story incorporates Miran (protagonist), who is on his way to seek revenge upon his parent’s demise. In addition, the story takes on several unexpected turns, adding a spur of thrill.

Miran later falls in love, setting him apart from the road of revenge. This TV series constantly improved with three seasons that became very popular.

Hopefully, Turkish drama fans would love to watch these Turkish series. These are from genres, and your favorite Turkish actors are playing the lead roles.

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