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7 Points to Consider to Own a Well-Fitted Great-Looking Custom T-Shirt

Who says T-shirts are not for everybody? If you believe the fashion gurus, they would suggest slim-built guys and petite guys to avoid wearing tees. “It doesn’t look good on them,” says a fashion expert. 

But who’s listening, eh? 

Well, it’s true that you mustn’t wear a T-shirt just anywhere, especially not at a wedding, unless you wish to insult the bride and the groom. Moreover, if an event has a dress code, appearing in it in a tee is plain rudeness. T-shirts are also not office wear unless your office has a T-shirt culture. So, in these cases, please listen to the fashion experts. 

However, don’t be too conscious about your body built. Wear whatever you want. And with custom T-shirts becoming a rage these days, you just can’t stay away from a comfy tee. 

Tees are not what they used to be! 

Blame the designers! They are running wilder in imagination. They can effortlessly turn a plain tee into apparel that makes a powerful fashion statement. 

So, all you fashion gurus out there, hold your breath, the custom T-shirt has arrived! 

A body-hugging tee is all you need for comfort

You need no girlfriend, but you certainly need a tee! Let the soft, stretchable fabric hug your body lovingly, as you show off your biceps and your gym-built body in a customized t-shirt.


Now for that to happen, you must make sure the tee is the right size. There is no bigger a disaster for a man than wearing a wrong-sized tee; no, not even your girlfriend dumping you on Valentine’s Day! 

So, before you excitedly place an order to customize a tee at a custom T-shirt shop, consider the following points. 

7 Important points for a great fitting T-shirt

  1. The shoulder point of the tee aligns with your own. It should not run down the arm. 
  2. The chest area should have not more than half-inch or a maximum of two inches of space. Half an inch is good for slim males and petite males, while bigger guys can go upto two inches of space. 
  3. Similarly, the waist area should have half an inch space, which can go upto two inches, depending on your body built. 
  4. Before you make your own shirt, remember that sleeves should be two-thirds of the way towards the elbow, especially if you wish to flaunt those biceps. Sleeves should be fitted, please. The sleeve can go halfway towards the elbow too, but not touch the elbow. 
  5. Your T-shirt shouldn’t go lower than your crotch. The length should be such that when you raise your arms, your tee shouldn’t reveal your belly button. 
  6. Go round necks or V-necks, but should fit snugly around your neck. V-necks look great on guys with a ripped look. But please no deep necklines. They are still a woman’s domain. 
  7. Do not hesitate to design your tee in any way you like. From subtle to bold, from small to big, from finer designs to loud ones, to the weirdest designs ever. A well-fitted tee can take it all. Contact reputable names like Custom Shirt Printings for excellence in designing.  
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