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3 Great Tips for Using the Instagram Archive Feature

It’s been in use in June. But the brand-new Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia Instagram Archive feature has already changed the game.

If you’re trying the fresh style for your Instagram feed or you don’t really like the content you shared in the year 2012 (who isn’t? ) This feature can be an absolute lifesaver!

Uncertain of what you can do with Instagram Archive?

In the next post, we’ll go over all you should learn about the feature and three great ways to integrate Instagram Archive into your strategy! Take a look:

What is the Instagram Archive Feature and How Does it Work?

Have you ever looked across your Instagram feed and had the sudden urge to remove the old content that didn’t seem to be quite right?

We’re with you!

That’s the reason Instagram introduced the Archive feature. Instead of deleting Instagram posts you don’t want to see any longer, with Instagram Archive you can simply remove them from your feed!

Imagine it as the privacy setting:

when you click the Archive button on a post, the image or video will be transferred to an exclusive gallery (along with remarks and comments) which you are the only one you can view.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Make a post using your profile on the Instagram app. Tap the ellipsis symbol in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

2. Choose”Archive” from the “Archive” option at the top

The post will be immediately sent to your Instagram Archive. the message immediately to your Instagram Archive, which you can access by going into the profile page of your Instagram profile and pressing the clock at the top-right-hand part of the display.

Did you change your thoughts?

It’s easy to restore the post you archived to its original location within your personal profile. Here’s how:

1. Access Your Instagram Archive and select the post you wish to remove from the archive.

2. Click the ellipsis in the upper right hand corner then choose “Show on Profile.”

3 Ways You Can Use the Instagram Archive Feature

In the beginning, when Instagram’s Archive feature first launched in June, a lot of users took it at the face significance (including ours!) Since this time, we’ve been in love with the versatility of this feature!

Here are three great ways to make use of Instagram Archive to build your personal Instagram strategy:

Instagram Archive Idea #1: Hide All of Your Posts Ahead of a Big Announcement

If you’ve got a big announcement in the near future You might want to read a chapter of Taylor Swift’s book and utilize Instagram Archive to draw attention to your feed!

Prior to her release date of the newest song, “Look What You Made Me Do,” her team archived each and every one of her tweets which left her 103 million fans with a feed that was empty.

The public immediately began to speculate on the plot — and the plan caused a lot of excitement and speculation about the next step she took!

Everlane utilized a similar method prior to the announcement of their brand new denim collection. In the days prior to the event, Everlane archived all of their content before coming to the rescue with a flood of announcements about the collection.

Chipotle used the tactic recently! In order to advertise their queso-themed cup (and draw attention away from the negative reviews that it was getting via Twitter), Chipotle archived the majority their Instagram posts, so that just a handful of photos of queso remain.

They also made a 100-part Instagram Story featuring queso as a part of every post! According to a recent report by AdWeek,

the Stories were able to achieve 70-75 percent completion!

While the idea of archiving every one of the posts in your feed may seem like a drastic idea it’s a good idea for those trying to create lots of buzz about an announcement coming up! It signals to your followers that something significant is taking place and they need to be paying to it.

Following your launch date, you will be able to remove all your archived posts and then insert them to your feed as Everlane did.

If you prefer, you can follow the TSwift approach and start from scratch!

Instagram Archive Idea #2: Do a General Cleanup of Your Feed

Are you in need of the Audit of your Instagram account for your Instagram account?

This Instagram Archive feature makes it extremely simple!

Take an in-depth look at your profile and determine what content that you can cut out. Perhaps an old content isn’t in line with your brand or you’ve recently redesigned your color scheme?

The best part is that archives aren’t always permanent and you’re able to check it out by archived posts here and there to determine whether it enhances your Instagram appearance.

Do you dislike the look of it? Simply unarchive all your posts and you’ll be right back to where you began!

It is also possible to take things one step further by temporarily archiving your posts in accordance with a specific theme. If, for instance, you have a lot of posts that are tagged with a specific composition or filter or color scheme You can hide all posts that don’t match the theme.

It’s a great opportunity to experiment with various Instagram themes for your account!

Instagram Archive Idea #3: Remove Any Non-Evergreen or Expired Content

There’s a variety of reasons that an Instagram post doesn’t appeal for your followers anymore. It could promote products that you do not sell anymore , or perhaps your business was recently rebranded.

A dated Instagram post from before Later’s brand relaunch

While you might erase the blog post, it usually is better to save it!

Manager of social engagement Adabelle Buntrock utilizes Instagram Archive frequently on a variety of brands whenever a piece of content has to be removed. “I like to use Instagram’s archive feature for whenever rights to talent or music have expired for a piece of content,” she says.

“It’s nice having it removed from the public eye but still having access on the backend to metrics and consumer comments.”

The ability to view data on content performance from old posts is an enormous benefit of this feature. Instead of deleting a post and losing all its important data the user can archive it and gain access to the engagement rate of your post.

Additionally the versatility that Instagram Archive adds to your strategy lets you make use of similar images multiple times without appearing repetitive. All you need to remember is to archive every post as soon as you post it!

Whichever way you decide to go  buymalaysianfollowers about making use of Instagram Archive The feature is definitely worth playing with! Don’t be scared to try new methods since it’s only the tap to add all your archived posts into your account!


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