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4 Spectacular Gardens/Parks of Chennai

If you are travelling to Chennai in near future then you must not skip the Parks of Chennai. The city is crowded but there are those green pockets that can be used for relaxation or pleasure. In case you have plans to meet your friends or relatives in the city and you want to spend some tranquil time then parks or gardens would be an apt place.

When you are going to Chennai by Mumbai to Chennai Flights and spending some days in this city, you should carve out some time for your people to have fun. Don’t worry you will not have to look for different spots because below are a few of the most popular gardens and parks of Chennai.

Semmozhi Poonga

This extensive botanical garden is one of the foremost of its kind in Chennai and it was opened in the year 2010 to house a collection of five hundred new species of plants and more than eighty trees (some of these are more than hundred years old) that already existed in the zone. stretched over twenty acres, the park is one of the finest-maintained green spaces in the city and brags about over eight sub-gardens, an open seating area for events and an artificial duck pond.  The central location of this park has created a unique culture of amateur shooting and has been included in various films as well.

Guindy National Park

Situated in the heart of city, the Guindy National Park is stretched across 2.70 square kilometres, but brags about a rich biodiversity and green cover that works as the lungs of Chennai. It was originally a piece of Raj Bhavan, the residential campus of Governor of Tamil Nadu; Guindy National Park is packed with dense forests, bushes, lakes and various small streams. The park is home to more than one hundred thirty species of birds and fourteen different species of mammals like deer, blackbucks, and jackals. This park complex is also residence to the popular Guindy Snake Park. You can visit there between 9am to 6pm.

Adyar Eco Park

Built with the aim of guarding the weak eco-system encircling the Adyar River estuary, the Adyar Ecological Park, is one of the hugest and most-diverse green patches situated inside the city. Though the park is still getting constructed in various phases, it brags about a primeval evergreen forest ecosystem and also has various streams running through it. Stretched across around three hundred sixty acres, the park comes inside a designated Coastal Regulation Zone and has been a mark of energetic conservation efforts.

Pallikaranai Wetlands

Though birding in Chennai has turned out to be synonymous with famous Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary near Chengalpattu, what you might not know   is that the Pallikaranai marshland, a natural bird habitat placed inside the city, attracts more species of migrant and local birds than even Vedanthangal; one of the most extensive wetlands in the whole state. This Pallikaranai marshland has a geographical space of over eighty square kilometres. The wetlands derive a huge number of shutterbugs, bird watchers, and fanatics during the annual migratory season. It has also attracted much interest towards its conservation in recent years.

So, take up the Mumbai to Chennai Flights and unwind in these green patches of the city once you are in Chennai!


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